Deliver relevant, customer-centric
experiences in real time

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Create data-driven application experiences that lead increase customer life-time value

Personalized recommendations based on ALL your customer data

Capture customer insights across channels and act in real-time

Delight users as they
engage with your brand

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Keep your sensitive customer data in-house and in the hands of your experts

Identify threats as they happen with real-time fraud and credit risk scoring

Act on up-sell opportunities based on real-time data analysis

Personalize each
interaction in an
omni-channel world

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Increase lift and customer loyalty through personalization

Fine-tune applications to deploy the most effective models for every customer

Deliver the right offers and the right content at the right time

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What can big data do for your customers?

Customers First

WibiData believes that if you put your customers first, all else will follow. To do that, you need to know your customers.

Use entity-centric storage and limitless customizable models to interact with your customers in new and powerful ways.

Integrated Data and Models

WibiData provides analysts secure self-service access to all of your data and easy integration with your existing BI tools and enterprise databases.

By combining all of your data in WibiData applications you can develop data-driven products and services that engage your customers.

Focus on your Customer

Your customers think of you as one brand, not dozens of business units. Shouldn’t you interact with them with a unified voice? Big data makes it possible to gain a single view into your business and customers.

Big Data Applications are how you bring big data to the front office and WibiData gives you the framework to integrate all of your data with micro-analytics.

Interactive Applications

WibiData makes it possible to create interactive, dynamic data-driven applications. From personalized online applications to dynamic content recommendations and adaptive search,

WibiData is built on an integrated infrastructure to deliver applications that proactively tailor your models to each entity and profile across applications.

Applications for the Big Data Era

WibiData’s Big Data Applications let you store, analyze and integrate all of your data with your front end applications. The same models you build in batch are run in production.

With WibiData you can adapt to your customers’ behavior in real-time with personalized content, customized recommendations, and dynamic decisions.

Big Data Infrastructure

WibiData is built on open source technologies such as Apache Hadoop, Apache HBase and Kiji, an open-source big data application framework.

Kiji includes a variety of components such as schema management that run on standard distributions from leading vendors such as Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR.

Connected Application Experience

By using WibiData applications, you connect your front end applications directly to these new, powerful back-office Big Data technologies.

The models you develop using Big Data can directly influence your customer’s application experience. With built in experimentation, you can find the right path for each customer.

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