WibiData works with leading edge customers across a variety of industries, helping them use data to create better application experiences

Atlassian uses several high-traffic customer-facing web sites to interact with current or potential customers. Their SaaS products like hosted JIRA or Confluence instances run in a large-scale data center environment. They need to capture data from all these sources and organize it in a fashion that enables flexible analysis by the marketing and product teams.

Atlassian was able to perform more accurate referral attribution, develop more accurate customer usage models for their products, and understand how individual customers interact with them across a variety of web properties and software products in a way their existing tools did not facilitate. WibiData has given Atlassian the power to explore new methods of gaining insight into their customer interactions that were not possible before.

Mobile Posse, Inc. is the leading provider of next-generation mobile advertising solutions for the mobile phone home screen. Using proprietary patent-pending technology, Mobile Posse enables advertisers, content providers and wireless carriers to proactively reach consumers through prime real-estate on the mobile phone.

Mobile Posse uses WibiData to store, analyze and serve complex user data generated on mobile devices to power proprietary personalization, recommendation and targeting algorithms. Despite being new to Hadoop and HBase, the Mobile Posse team was able to use WibiData to rapidly build and deliver real-time applications to their end users. WibiData drastically lowered the demands on Mobile Posse’s engineering team compared to building a solution from scratch.

Opower is the market leader in customer engagement for the utility industry. With more than 75 utility partners, including seven of the ten largest utilities in the United States, Opower processes standard and AMI meter data for approximately half of the United States population. Opower's solutions have been deployed to millions of homes across North America, Europe and Asia.

Opower uses WibiData to analyze data provided by utilities, third parties, and consumers. Opower uses WibiData on top of Hadoop and HBase to collect data and aggregate it to reveal information about consumer energy usage. Opower's platform allows consumers to personalize information they receive and opt-in to additional information and services about their energy consumption.

RichRelevance provides dynamic personalization solutions for retail. Data is at the core of their business, and powers products and services that touch hundreds of millions of shoppers around the world. User activities on merchant websites are sent back to RichRelevance’s servers where their software dynamically analyzes user behavior and delivers personalized product recommendations to merchants, in real-time. Merchants love RichRelevance because they offer a simple and powerful solution to increase sales, delivered as web-based service.

RichRelevance uses WibiData to manage complex user data, and enable collaboration between their engineering and data science teams.