Announcing a Partnership with Industry Leader DataStax

By Garrett Wu,


WibiData CTO Garrett WuWe’re in an exciting stage of development in the Big Data ecosystem as many open-source technologies enter mainstream adoption. As an example of this maturing trend, WibiData is excited to announce a partnership with DataStax.

The basis of this partnership announcement is the integration of Apache Cassandra, an open-source distributed datastore, with WibiData’s open source framework, the Kiji Project, a modular framework for storing and serving user data to enable real-time personalization across channels. This partnership will bring new benefits to both WibiData and DataStax customers and open-source communities.

Datastax, the leading Apache Cassandra distributor DataStax Enterprise, DataStax Community, and Cassandra users will be able to utilize WibiData and Kiji technology to accelerate the development of real-time Big Data Applications that create unique, engaging and personalized customer experiences. By using Kiji to build a 360-degree view of each customer, developers and data scientists will be able to rapidly build applications that include dynamic segmentation, personalized content, relevant search results, anomaly detection and personalized recommendations. Cassandra users will be able utilize the benefits that WibiData customers and Kiji users are already familiar with:

  • NOSQL store Apache Cassandra The schema flexibility required to accommodate a variety of complex data sources.
  • Simple APIs for storing and retrieving customer data and predictions in real-time across channels.
  • Tools that enable data scientists to rapidly develop, deploy and iterate on predictive models in production.

This is also an exciting milestone for the Kiji and WibiEnterprise community, who will be able to create and manage KijiSchema tables backed by the NoSQL store of their choice: Apache Cassandra or Apache HBase. Different use cases require different datastore tradeoffs, and now enterprise architects have the flexibility to use them side by side using the same Kiji APIs and tools.

We’re hard at work to make this integration publicly available as soon as possible. Stay tuned to our blog for an announcement in the coming weeks if you’d like to try it out!


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