The five functions of

Big Data






How can you use Big Data

There are five primary functions of Big Data: data products, experimentation, preparation, observation and presentation. Using these basic principles, customers utilize their data to improve operational efficiency and gain a competitive advantage by enhancing end-user experience. Companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook and LinkedIn have been doing these ‘by-hand’ for years. WibiData makes these tasks easier with tools and frameworks that reduce the work required to benefit from Big Data.

Of course these functions do not live in a vacuum. Data preparation operates on data that comes from somewhere inside or connected to the organization. The output of data presentation is a report or visualization. Experimentation and observation require tooling in the same way that classical scientists have lab tools. Data products are the result of all other tasks, creating data that is served to an end user through existing infrastructure. Here at WibiData, we help organizations build customized Big Data Applications. We do that by making it easier for organizations to experiment and build data products with existing resources. 

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