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The Future is Paved with Data

15 April 2014 By Ian Alexander Comments.

Over the next decade, the competitive use of data will define every industry. The past decade of technology has given us ubiquitous mobile devices, cloud computing, new software applications and more data than we know what to do with. This data has driven several high-profile acquisitions, and enabled companies like Google, Amazon and Netflix to create and capture unbelievable shareholder value. In the next decade, our economy will further and further be defined by our ability to understand and utilize available data.  For the past three years, I have been able to work with a tremendously talented team at

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WibiData Announces Cloudera 5 Certification

7 April 2014 By Jon Natkins Comments.

WibiData is committed to providing big data personalization solutions that are tightly integrated with the Hadoop ecosystem. We continue to work with partners like Cloudera to make our customers’ lives easier and their big data initiatives successful. That is why we are very excited to announce that the Kiji Project and WibiEnterprise 3.0 is officially certified to run on Cloudera 5 (CDH 5).  The Hadoop ecosystem has seen an evolution in the the economic feasibility of data storage, the usability of tools and the enterprise support now available to a variety of industries.  The release of Cloudera 5 is representative of

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WibiData Brings Big Data to the Smartphone: Introducing KijiMobile

1 April 2014 By WibiData Staff Comments.

"As long as we can make them smaller, we can make them faster"- Seymore Cray Big Data technologies have seen a massive evolution in the past decade, making data storage and analysis more accessible and easier to use. However, data engineers and scientists are still chained to laptops and large monitors - until now. The brilliant minds that brought you the Kiji Project, the open-source framework for building Big Data Applications, have decided to bring the power of Kiji to your smartphone. While word count still dominates the majority of computational computing, KijiMobile will now add a level of

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My First Month as a Wibi

20 March 2014 By Michael Jones Comments.

Wow, what a long strange trip it's been.  I started at WibiData just before Christmas of 2013 as a member of the engineering team. I specialize in DevOps, making sure that the Wibi team has all the support and infrastructure needed to build great software.  And what a whirlwind it’s been.  Big Data Applications abound; risk mitigation, recommendation scoring, etc., but working with such volumes of data also has some unique aspects that trickle down to the tools and techniques used to produce the amazing software that our customers benefit from. The sheer amount of

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4 March 2014 By Clint Kelly Comments.

In September 2013, shortly before I joined the WibiData team, I enrolled in the Coursera class, Introduction to Recommender Systems, offered by the University of Minnesota.  The class provided a comprehensive introduction to the design, implementation, and analysis of personalized recommendations systems like those built by Amazon and Netflix. Taking this class was fortuitous, as the software I would soon help build at WibiData is well-suited to helping developers build recommender systems. The Coursera class gave me an overview of the Big Data Applications WibiData enables its customers to build and some of the design decisions and challenges we face

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WibiData Welcomes a New Data Scientist

28 February 2014 By Ed Fine Comments.

I have been at WibiData for a couple of months now, and what a ride it’s been.  In that time, I have not only massively expanded my knowledge base, but I am already building recommender systems that work on more data and deploy faster than I have ever seen before.  Not only do they accelerate the process, but our tools allow me to work far faster too.  What an awesome feeling for a data scientist. Prior to WibiData, I came from a rapidly growing online retailer. The data was extremely important, and the need

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2014 Innovation Days

18 February 2014 By WibiData Staff Comments.

Recently, WibiData held our second semi-annual Innovation Days! In the spirit of creative entrepreneurship, WibiData engineers took a break from their normal sprints to hack on Kiji, WibiData’s open-source framework for Big Data Application development. Innovation Days kicked off on Wednesday, January 22nd with pitch presentations. The following two days, Wibis split up into groups to hack on the projects of their choice. By Monday, the Wibis were ready to present their projects. Take a look at what engineers at WibiData hacked on: Kiji Roaring. Currently within Kiji, ScoreFunctions for applying a model to an entity must be

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Announcing a Partnership with Industry Leader, DataStax

11 February 2014 By Garrett Wu Comments.

We’re in an exciting stage of development in the Big Data ecosystem as many open-source technologies enter mainstream adoption. As an example of this maturing trend, WibiData is excited to announce a partnership with DataStax. The basis of this partnership announcement is the integration of Apache Cassandra, an open-source distributed datastore, with WibiData’s open source framework, the Kiji Project, a modular framework for storing and serving user data to enable real-time personalization across channels. This partnership will bring new benefits to both WibiData and DataStax customers and open-source communities. DataStax Enterprise, DataStax Community, and Cassandra users

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WibiData’s Jon Natkins Presents at BrightTALK’s Hadoop Evolution Summit

23 January 2014 By WibiData Staff Comments.

This Wednesday, WibiData field engineer Jon Natkins' presented, “Building a Real-Time Recommendation System” during BrightTALK’s Hadoop Evolution Summit.  Jon joined a prestigious list of presenters from organizations such as NASA, Cloudera, Trulia, Warwick Business School and Syncsort to discuss successful Hadoop executions, analytics innovation and deriving business value from Big Data. Watch Jon’s webinar below! Consumers are constantly searching for something new, and to stay competitive, organizations must act immediately based on up-to-date data. Improving the relevancy of recommendations results creates better user experiences for customers, builds brand loyalty,

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WibiData Debuts Real-Time Retail Solution at NRF’s the Big Show

10 January 2014 By Rob Seaman Comments.

I can’t speak for all consumers, but in my life, for roughly every 20 or so “why the hell was that so difficult?” customer service experiences, there is approximately one frictionless, serendipitous experience that gives me hope for my blood pressure and the companies that nudge it north.  At WibiData, we are embarking on a journey of developing innovative Big Data and predictive analytic technologies that radically flip the ratio of difficulty to serendipity within every consumer brand interaction. This Sunday, WibiData will be showcasing how our software allows the world’s largest retailers to

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