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Top 10 Big Data Resolutions for 2014

8 January 2014 By WibiData Staff Comments.

Happy New Year from WibiData!  Now that we've reflected on all the great moments in 2013 and toasted to the start of a new year, there is only one thing left to do -- make some audacious goals! So, what BIG Resolutions can we make for 2014? As a company, we huddled together to create a list of Big Data Resolutions to keep and make in 2014. Here are the top 10 Big Data New Year Resolutions from WibiData: I will not smash my coffee cup when a node fails. I will pay closer attention to how my unsupervised learning jobs are

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Wibi Interviewing: Top 12 Interview Tips

20 December 2013 By Aaron Kimball Comments.

Part of building a company requires the acquisition and retention of talented employees. Step one is getting candidates in the door, and then finding out more about them.  Over the last five years, I’ve gained a lot of experience interviewing potential employees in an effort to understand their areas of expertise, their personalities and whether they might be a good cultural fit.  While I likely still have a lot to learn about screening job candidates, I wanted to share a few best practices for anyone considering WibiData as a potential employer: Keep your resume short. One

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Top 10 Big Data Technologies We Are Most Thankful For

26 November 2013 By WibiData Staff Comments.

​Over the years many extremely helpful Big Data tools and technologies have made their way into the Big Data ecosystem.  So what better time of year to give thanks to the tools, resources and technologies that have made life a little easier for Big Data practitioners. WibiData huddled together to brainstorm and pay tribute to the top 10 Big Data Technologies that have truly enriched our professional lives.  Here are the top 10 Big Data Technologies Wibis are most thankful for: Complex schemas.  They're like the turducken of data, providing layers and layers of coding deliciousness. 

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WibiData Launches WibiEnterprise 3.0

21 November 2013 By WibiData Staff Comments.

WibiData Launches WibiEnterprise 3.0 to Power Real-Time Big Data Consumer Applications Big Data Application Platform Drives Deep Customer Insight and Real-Time Application Evolution To Meet Individual Customer Needs at Scale SAN FRANCISCO, November 25, 2013—Today WibiData, a pioneer in building Big Data Applications, announced the launch of WibiEnterprise 3.0, an enterprise software platform for developing and deploying real-time Big Data Applications. WibiEnterprise 3.0 bridges the gap between Hadoop and the application layer, empowering companies to connect consumer applications with sophisticated real-time, data-driven features like personalized content, predictive recommendations, dynamic micro-segmentation, personally relevant search results and anomaly detection.  WibiEnterprise 3.0 is based on WibiData

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‘Big Chips’ to ‘Big Ideas’

15 November 2013 By Clint Kelly Comments.

Greetings!  I have been a WibiData employee for almost a month now and I am ecstatic to be a member of such a great team. I took a somewhat unconventional path to joining the company, having worked in the semiconductor industry since 2000.  Below, I’ve outlined how I came to join WibiData and why I am so excited about my future here. My first exposure to 'Big Data' happened early this year, when, somewhat on a lark, I decided to sign up for several online classes on Coursera.  At the time I was working at Achronix,

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Translating User Insight into Business Value: Application Integration and Control

13 November 2013 By Omer Trajman Comments.

This blog post is the fourth and final in a series that explains how institutions can evolve from data miners to experience optimizers by building Big Data Applications using Kiji. The previous posts described the benefits of a customer data repository,  how organizations tackle the challenge of ingesting a wide variety of data into a single system and the model life cycle within Big Data Applications. This post describes how business users can control multiple application channels integrated into a single customer data repository. A customer data repository is a powerful tool with which organizations can build highly

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WibiData + Strata + Hadoop World

6 November 2013 By WibiData Staff Comments.

Last week, WibiData traveled to New York City for the fifth annual Strata + Hadoop World Conference. It was an exciting week filled with interesting keynote presentations, session talks, tutorials and meetups; an overall great gathering of Hadoop users, contributors and supporters. WibiData had the opportunity to take center stage at several events at and surrounding the conference. WibiData engineer Jonathan Natkins and partner Juliet Hougland presented “Real-time Recommendations for Retail: Architecture, Algorithms, and Design” at the conference on Tuesday. In this session, they explained how ecommerce companies can use Kiji, WibiData’s open-source framework for building Big

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Proud to be a Wibi

30 October 2013 By Sebastian Soto Comments.

Howdy! I currently spend three days of my week as an intern at WibiData, and I spend the rest of my week finishing up my degree in computer science at Stanford University, arguably one of the best places anyone my age could be. It’s even come as a complete surprise that now I find myself griping about having to attend such a wonderful university because I'd rather be at the office. I honestly can't pinpoint exactly what makes being a Wibi so special, but I think I can highlight a few reasons. The energy in the

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2013 Hadoop Ecosystem

28 October 2013 By Aaron Kimball Comments.

Today marks the beginning of Strata + Hadoop World, one of the industry’s largest gathering of Hadoop users, contributors and supporters. The first Hadoop World was held in 2009 and the landscape has grown and stabilized substantially over the past four years. Major enhancements to the Hadoop ecosystem have taken place in the past year alone. While the steady evolution of the core Hadoop platform provides increasing stability and performance, many features required for enterprise adoption are being fulfilled by an ever-expanding ecosystem of satellite projects orbiting Hadoop. Much (virtual) ink has been spilled about the relative merits of SQL

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How I got to WibiData

25 October 2013 By Adam Kahn Comments.

In April of 2007, I was wrapping up my Junior year at the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science.  I was wandering a career fair and eventually found myself interviewing for an internship at a company I had previously never heard of- That summer in San Francisco made me certain of a few things; working with smart, motivated people had a profoundly positive effect on my creative problem-solving abilities and San Francisco feels like home to me.  After graduating, I  accepted a full-time job at Salesforce, and spent a few years working on many different pieces

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