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Board Games Night at WibiData

16 July 2012 By Aaron Kimball Comments.

Wibi fans, One of the great things about our new office space is opening it up to others. Last week we hosted the San Francisco Hadoop User Group out of our office for the first time, which was a great hit. Next week we'd like to open our doors to the community once again--but this time for no excuse other than to have a good time. Next Wednesday (July 25th) we'll host a board games night, and will provide pizza and beer. Come meet the team, check out our new office, and enjoy a fun evening with us.

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Tips for Writing MapReduce Jobs Over HBase

13 July 2012 By Juliet Hougland Comments.

Analyzing large data sets in a distributed setting can be challenging. In this post I have listed some lessons that I learned the hard way. Enjoy! Include a readme for your project that describes what each MapReduce job does, its input and output, necessary external data sources, and dependencies on other jobs. Usually, a MapReduce job is a single piece of a larger analysis pipeline. The jobs that constitute the larger pipeline can have complex interdependencies on each other. This is useful to other people, and it helps you organize your analysis in a reasonable way. Use Avro, particularly user

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