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Come hack with us!

23 August 2012 By Aaron Kimball Comments.

We're excited to announce that WibiData is hosting a Hackathon with our friends at MemCachier and Thanx on Friday, September 28th, starting at 5pm. The goal is simple and the format is plain: build cool shit with other people. Here are the details: [caption id="attachment_1009" align="alignright" width="400" caption="(This is exactly what our server room looks like)"][/caption] What: Hackathon Who: Developers and designers. When: Friday, September 28th, 5pm. Hack as late as you want -- most people will stay all night. Where: see the event page Parking: Street parking is in abundance at these hours. Public

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Common Page States on Wikipedia

10 August 2012 By Daryl Comments.

In June, Juliet Hougland wrote a post about the editing patterns of different groups on Wikipedia. We got some great feedback with suggestions for facets of the problem to investigate in the future. To augment our analysis, we decided that for each page we should maintain a list of all the edits to that page, along with the timestamp and an MD5 hash of the body of the page after that edit. These hashes are, in effect, a compact digest of the contents of the page. Comparing hashes is a quick way to match edits that produce identical text. This

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