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WibiLearning October 2012

26 September 2012 By Tim Babcock Comments.

Since joining WibiData last February, I’ve been working with our team to help some of the most forward-leaning organizations build large scale, real-time applications using Apache Hadoop and HBase. As is often the case with next-generation infrastructure, it’s hard work, but a lot of fun. We are lucky to have a world-class engineering team that has built many such applications over the years--predating Hadoop, in many cases, using analogous systems like Google’s BigTable. These experiences have informed both our technology and best practices, and as a result, our customers are developing complex models over

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Reverting in Wikipedia

17 September 2012 By Juliet Hougland Comments.

Reverting an edit in Wikipedia generally refers to undoing the actions of a specific edit. This could be removing vandalism (like pictures of Squidward, for example) or bringing a page’s content back after a new user has blanked it while experimenting. In the comments of my first blog post, many experienced Wikipedians brought up the point that reverting is a very common activity and its affect on the results of my previous analysis should be examined. In the rest of this post I’ll present the initial set of results that came from taking into account whether

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WibiData goes to PuppetConf

6 September 2012 By Chad Metcalf Comments.

When I started at WibiData, one of my first jobs was to bring order to an ad hoc infrastructure. I counted myself lucky to have been handed cut-and-paste shell logs (saved to a wiki) which served as our prior configuration management. Simultaneously I was bringing new hardware online, rolling out a virtualization infrastructure and deploying several new engineering services. Enter Puppet. I had used Puppet previously at Cloudera to manage large chunks of their massive infrastructure. Cloudera had a 90-95% internally written module base. Our problems mainly revolved around our multiple OS provisioning workflow and scaling the infrastructure. When I

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