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An Evening with Robin Sloan

12 December 2012 By Garrett Wu Comments.

Robin Sloan, author of “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore” came to WibiData for a book signing event last week. In addition to reading a few sections from his book about mystery, love and Hadoop (the mysterious love of Hadoop?), he had a few interesting comments that stuck with me. Robin talked about “The image of someone going through transformative human drama.” You know, something like this → We spoke after the event about his writing process and how he feels in awe of developers and engineers. He explained: “Programmers aren't like us.

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Vote to see Kiji at Hadoop Summit Europe

11 December 2012 By Aaron Kimball Comments.

WibiData is coming to the 2013 Hadoop Summit Europe in Amsterdam. We'd love to meet more developers of Big Data Applications and reconnect with some of our friends from across the Atlantic. We've submitted a talk, Build HBase Applications Right with Kiji, introducing the Kiji project and KijiSchema. The Hadoop Summit is asking the community to vote on what talks they'd like to see by Friday, December 14. If you're curious, please take a minute to vote for Kiji! Want to learn more about the types of applications people are building with Kiji and WibiData? Check out a

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The Big Data Ecosystem

6 December 2012 By Omer Trajman Comments.

A vendor's responsibility is to make customers successful and the only long term viable business strategy is to create value for customers that you can get credit for. This has been a guiding principle in my career in enterprise information technology. With this in mind, it is interesting to see how various analysts are attempting to categorize and explain the emerging Big Data ecosystem. For the most part, there is broad consensus that the core of Big Data is Hadoop. I made this argument at XLDB this summer. While various companies substitute other platforms for their particular needs, the

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