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A Wild Intern Appears

30 January 2013 By Aaron Feldstein Comments.

In the middle of 2012, I met with a few friends, including Robert Chu and Daisy Zhou to brainstorm ideas for a video game. Robert and Daisy were both busy with internships and school work, so I volunteered to take on some of the programming work. This was not my first time programming but my prior experience was very limited. I tried out Python and ended up using Scala for this project. Towards the end of last year, Robert (who had since joined WibiData) suggested I talk to the folks at WibiData about an internship. When I first started looking at

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Catching up with our data…

17 January 2013 By Devjit Chakravarti Comments.

Batch building models used to be enough to get meaningful uplift on customer facing sites. Today, organizations that know how to use precise, real-time, constantly changing data have an edge. Up until now, there’s been an imbalance in power between those organizations who do real-time and those who don’t. With the growing scale and granularity of data, finding the diamond in the rough of big data currently requires some of the brightest minds of our generation, not to mention a fair bit of luck! There is some low hanging fruit and technology that is making it

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What’s Different about WibiData

11 January 2013 By Jon Natkins Comments.

Hi there, I’m Natty. I have the distinct pleasure of being the newest employee at WibiData (at least until Monday -- we’re growing fast!). Since it’s fresh in my mind I would like to share a couple reasons why I joined. Technology It's safe to say that Hadoop is not going away anytime soon. Several large organizations already rely on Hadoop as a critical piece of infrastructure. As the Hadoop ecosystem matures, more businesses are beginning to use Hadoop in mission critical applications. However, building those solutions is still a challenge and there

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The Beginning of Something Great

10 January 2013 By Darcy Dittrich Comments.

Three months ago, I set out to find a career at a company that would inspire me, challenge me, and give me the opportunity to grow professionally while contributing to a product I believe in. Today marks the end of my first week at WibiData, and I’m still in slight disbelief when I realize that I found all that, and more. In October of 2012, I was at a Halloween party in DC, dressed as a tourist - fanny pack and camera in hand - when in walked Tim, dressed as a 20s gangster in a full zoot suit,

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Welcome to 2013!

3 January 2013 By Christophe Bisciglia Comments.

To all of our friends, customers and partners, We here at WibiData wish you a happy and prosperous 2013. Last year was an important year for WibiData. We built out many of our core technologies, setting the stage for some of the incredible applications we will be building this coming year. The WibiData team has been working on big data solutions for quite some time. We’ve built data integration pipelines and deployed advanced analytics solutions for dozens of organizations. Today these fundamental use cases are being adopted and promoted by established vendors such as MicroStrategy and Informatica. We believe

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