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Surrounded by Greatness

22 March 2013 By Laura Hauser Comments.

As my first week at Wibidata comes to a close, I can genuinely say that I have learned a lot. A few of the  intellectual insights I have gathered include: Hadoop is not the newest roller coaster ride at Magic Mountain. Kiji Chopsticks are not helpful when eating rice. MapReduce is not the latest and greatest upgrade from Apple Maps. Although the vast terminology and multifaceted concepts of Big Data are still coming together for me, I can say with certainty that the technology surrounding Big Data Applications is complex. Luckily, I am now part of a team comprised

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Moving to an entity-centric world

20 March 2013 By Devjit Chakravarti Comments.

The emergence of large, detailed, and information sparse data sources such as weblogs, app logs, and location data has created a need to look beyond simple events and attributes in our data. Insights comes from being able to build a larger perspective across events and attributes in ways that are more complex than basic SQL aggregation functions such as SUM, COUNT, DISTINCT. These insights emerge by capturing patterns via machine learning or statistical models and then using our insights to deliver improved experiences to our users. The most important insights are the culmination of a long path that begins with

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Alice in Big Data Land

19 March 2013 By Christine Yoo Comments.

I am into my third week at WibiData and it has been quite a ride. I am one of the few at WibiData who do not come from a technical background and WibiData is my first startup. I come from the foreign land of events and charity functions. You may be wondering, just how did I end up in the land of Wibi? Late last year, I came to a point in my career where it was not clear what my future was in my job. As fun as it was and as much as I enjoyed working with my

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Bringing Open Source Predictive Modeling to Real-Time Data

14 March 2013 By Devjit Chakravarti Comments.

I’m pleased to announce our release of the new KijiMR component of the Kiji framework. KijiMR bridges between Apache Hadoop MapReduce and KijiSchema running on Apache HBase. This is a major milestone for the Kiji big data application framework, following on the heels of KijiSchema. KijiMR enables developers to build predictive models directly on data collected and accessible in real-time, paving the way for more scalable data-driven applications. As a complete project, Kiji allows developers to build big data applications such as product recommendation engines, targeted content highlights, personalized offers and account fraud detection. Before the release of

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A newbie at Wibi

4 March 2013 By Shashir Reddy Comments.

Joining WibiData was the happy conclusion to an unlikely series of events. It all began at the start of my amateur programming career, when I discovered video games. In fact, I was never really any good at video games, but I learned to appreciate the underlying technology. From video games, I started dabbling on the web, writing crawlers and bots for cult classic games (Tron, anyone?), and became a hard-core Linux-proselyte at my conservative suburban Ohio high school (“Slackware or gtfo”). At the University of Michigan and later at the Ohio State University, I ingratiated myself with the

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The Hadoop of plenty: what new tech innovations is Hadoop enabling?

4 March 2013 By Omer Trajman Comments.

For the past four years, GigaOm's Structure event has given us a peek into the forefront of data center technologies. Two years ago, Big Data got its own event with the premier of Structure:Data. Now in it's third year as a standalone conference, Structure:Data takes a deep look into application of Big Data Technologies. I'm going to be joining a panel hosted by Derrick Harris to talk about what innovations Hadoop is enabling. If you've been following WibiData, you know that we're leading the charge to build Big Data Applications on top of technologies like Apache Hadoop. For

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