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The Beginning of Something Great

10 January 2013 By Darcy Dittrich Comments.

Three months ago, I set out to find a career at a company that would inspire me, challenge me, and give me the opportunity to grow professionally while contributing to a product I believe in. Today marks the end of my first week at WibiData, and I’m still in slight disbelief when I realize that I found all that, and more. In October of 2012, I was at a Halloween party in DC, dressed as a tourist - fanny pack and camera in hand - when in walked Tim, dressed as a 20s gangster in a full zoot suit, but with sneakers. Somehow, despite our costumes, we got into an in-depth discussion about our careers. I was blown away when I heard Tim describe what it was like to work at WibiData. He told me about their collaborative culture, the impressive intellect of every member of the company, and the amazing things that WibiData’s services and products could accomplish using Big Data. I had been looking for a new opportunity for a while, and it felt like Tim had found my “list” of ideal qualities and was reading each one aloud. When I had the opportunity to visit WibiData’s headquarters in San Francisco, I felt even more passionately that I wanted to be a part of this team. The office’s energy is inspiring, creative, driven, and fun. Christophe emphasized to me that “people are our most valuable asset, and that we invest in them aggressively.” I heard multiple examples of this from each and every employee during my interview. Furthermore, WibiData tries to find ways to support each employee to reach their full potential through professional development and by providing benefits that make our lives easier. The “perks” of working here are seemingly never-ending, and it is apparent in our policies that WibiData deeply trusts their employees. Flexible hours allow us to work when and where we are most productive. Unlimited vacation ensures that we feel no stress if we have something important outside of work to take care of. We cook and eat “family style” lunches, and sometimes breakfasts, to bond and decompress during the day. Christophe summed up the biggest difference between my previous roles and working at WibiData in his last blog post, “Welcome to 2013!” He described the difference between established applications and those that use Big Data, writing that most applications make decisions relying on “select fractions of data,” where Big Data applications “use the full power of all of an organization’s data.” In my experience, most organizations restrict employees’ roles to a specific list of responsibilities and required skills. At WibiData, each employee is expected to use the “full power” of their skillset. For instance, though my experience is primarily in sales, I have the opportunity to contribute outside that role. I can help with our LinkedIn presence, I’m invited to attend workshops and industry meetups, and my opinion is welcomed on a multitude of team building projects. Three months ago, I was considering an array of companies because of my rich experience. I was a high performer at a large Healthcare company in medical sales, I had experience working on diverse sales team, in public speaking, creating marketing materials, and designing training plans. I believe that at WibiData I will be called upon to employ and develop these skills further than I would at any other company I was considering. These aspects of our culture are reflected in my favorite aspect about the product we offer. WibiData can produce nearly limitless ways for users to experience applications. Do you want to recommend the perfect product in a highly personalized way for your customers? We can support you. Do you want to help your users find the best financial offerings based on their history and needs? Done. Are you looking for help finding the best care plan for your patient? Wibi can help. This spirit of creativity and drive to make something work well for others is imbued in our company culture. This is the first time in a long time that I am excited to leap out of bed in the morning and reluctant to leave my desk at the end of the day. We live our core values each and every moment. Whether you’re a prospective customer, partner, or team member, if you give us a try, I promise you will feel them too.



Our people are our most valuable asset, and we invest in them aggressively.


More data leads to better choices, and many hard and exciting problems along the way.


We act and experiment with purpose, trust each other, and deliver results as a team.

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