My First Month as a Wibi

By Michael Jones,


WibiData welcomes Michael JonesWow, what a long strange trip it’s been.  I started at WibiData just before Christmas of 2013 as a member of the engineering team. I specialize in DevOps, making sure that the Wibi team has all the support and infrastructure needed to build great software.  And what a whirlwind it’s been.

Big Data Applications abound; risk mitigation, recommendation scoring, etc., but working with such volumes of data also has some unique aspects that trickle down to the tools and techniques used to produce the amazing software that our customers benefit from.

The sheer amount of data, sourced from many places, combined with the complexity of the software and build environments present many challenges in the area of continuous integration.  Luckily, all my fellow Wibis have been extremely helpful and have an intellectual level I’ve never seen in a group this size.  After spending many years working for national and international corporations, WibiData is a breath of fresh air.

The company perks are pretty amazing as well.  On my first interview, I observed the entire company sitting down for lunch together, enjoying each other’s company and tossing around ideas at lightning speed.  Oh, and I got to pet a few dogs, who are welcome in the office provided they are well behaved.

As a newcomer to a startup environment, all I can say is “Why did I wait so long?”


Big data, Company culture