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KMWorld 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management

1 March 2014

When we first published our list almost a decade-and-a-half ago, our goal was to help shape the knowledge management market. Back then, KM was still shaking off a somewhat tarnished reputation after a number of well publicized, massively over budget failures.

KM World

Why Big Data Applications Are Already a Reality

27 February 2014

The advent of the Internet and World Wide Web changed many things in the technology landscape. Information began to become widely accessible. Individuals began to connect with one another online. Merchants began to market and sell their products digitally, sometimes to entirely new markets or customer demographics.

Each new connection and behavior enabled by the web had a corresponding impact on data management systems. In the world of data storage and retrieval, the usage patterns of relational database management systems (RDBMS) had been relatively stable and predictable for quite some time.


9 Key Big Data Developments From Strata

13 February 2014

We analyze the important news from SAS, Hortonworks, MetaScale, and others at the Strata conference, as big data seeks a productive next chapter.

DataStax and its Partner Network: The short list on this new roster of "solutions, applications, infrastructure, and ecosystem partners" includes Accenture, Google Cloud Platform, GoGrid, HP, Pentaho, and WibiData. DataStax offers software and support for the open source Cassandra database, and it can run search and Hadoop-based analytics on the same cluster.


This week in big data: Clouds, collaboration and Cassandra

12 February 2014

There has been a lot of data industry news this week coming out of the Strata conference, and elsewhere. Here are some of the highlights.

O’Reilly Media’s Strata conference kicked off on Tuesday, which means a lot of big data companies announced new products this week. We already covered MapR’s new lineup of Hadoop features, Red Hat’s partnership with Hortonworks and Splice Machine’s funding, but here are some of the week’s other big data highlights.


What gasoline can teach e-retailers about ‘big data’

3 February 2014

WibiData's Amit Nithianandan suggests retailers can do a better job understanding the value of customer data.

Kerosene production was big business in the 19th century. The production process that distilled petroleum into kerosene also created a byproduct called gasoline that was subsequently discarded. It wasn't until the automobile was invented at the end of the century that gasoline began to be deemed useful.

Internet Retailer

Building a Real-time, Personalized Recommendation System with Kiji

26 December 2013

Today, recommendations are everywhere online. Major e-commerce websites like Amazon provide product recommendations in many different forms across their web properties. Financial planning sites like Mint.com provide recommendations for things like credit cards that a user might want to sign up for or banks that can offer better interest rates. Google augments search results based on its knowledge of the users’ past searches to find the most relevant results.


The secrets of designing and building big data apps

24 December 2013

Software applications have traditionally been perceived as a unit of computation designed and used to solve a problem. Whether an application is a CRM tool that helps manage customer information or a complex supply-chain management system, the problem it solves is often rather specific. Applications are also frequently designed with a relatively static set of input and output interfaces, and communication to and from the application uses specially designed (or chosen) protocols.


Real-Time Prediction, Big Data Scale: Impossible Dream?

17 December 2013

WibiData challenges IBM, Oracle, and SAS by combining vast customer history as well as real-time behavioral data to generate personalized recommendations.

Marketers have been talking about one-to-one marketing for decades, and the challenge is that much harder now that we can tap into big data.


Wibidata Machine Learning Platform Offers Capabilities Comparable To Amazon.com And Google

29 November 2013

Wibidata, a big data application provider, has a new platform for building real-time apps that shows the increasing accessibility of machine learning and how e-commerce companies can provide an experience similar to a giant like Amazon.com.


WibiData Ships WibiEnterprise 3.0 Real-Time Big Data Platform

25 November 2013

WibiData, provider of a big data app development platform, has launched WibiEnterprise 3.0, an enterprise software platform for developing and deploying real-time big data applications.