Real-Time is Reckless: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

By WibiData Staff,


Move Beyond Batch – in the other direction

The Big Data space is flooded with buzzwords, and “real-time” has become a staple adjective when touting the advantages of Big Data technologies. However, very few companies have successfully articulated the true economic value of ad-hoc data analysis. While the prospect of speed-of-thought analytics appears attractive, there are actually many indicators that speed sacrifices quality.

It can no longer be ignored: slow is the new fast.

After much research and analysis, WibiData has found key insights that directly contradict the widely accepted philosophy that faster analytics garners the greatest ROI. More data enables enterprises to develop better predictive models, therefore, the logical and most practical solution is to postpone analysis until the most comprehensive data set possible is collected.

Let’s face it: Real-time is reckless

The ability to query slower is gaining momentum across a variety of industries as demonstrated with trending social change, such as California’s Slow Food Movement. Even the U.S. government is practicing this theory with its thoughtfully slow approach to budget negotiations.

In order to meet this demand of slower data storage, analysis and more comprehensive infrastructure, WibiData is thrilled to announce our newest product, Wibi Tortoise.

Developed on top of Apache Hadoop, Tortoise scales to tackle your Big Data needs with a velocity that enables actionable hindsight.

Potential Tortoise use cases include:

  • Reporting revenues to analysts and your board of directors
  • Identifying over-extended expense accounts
  • Preparing vendor payments
  • Whenever using Windows Vista

An Open Source Stack: Built one brick at a time

Tortoise is a brand-new SQL engine built on top of the Apache Hadoop ecosystem and is easily integrated into your existing Big Data infrastructure. Once your tables have been carefully created via the Tortoise Shell, data can be cautiously loaded and queried at a pace that your developers can keep up with. Modifications to the schema are intentionally arduous to discourage changes to older schemas in favor of the creation of newer schemas alongside existing ones. This provides for  far more intricate and relevant information for business reports and marketing insights.

The Tortoise is based on several principles including:

  •  Only artisanal data that is locally sourced and sustainable
  •  Custom high-dimensionality predictive systems; taking advantage of “Big Data” means never reducing feature dimensionality
  •  Extensive use of RFC 1149 compliant datagrams for providing the bridge between Tortoise and front end applications
  •  A few more that we’re patiently waiting on the results for

Tortoise fosters a long-term relationship with your data, creating the perfect harmony between schema accuracy and model infrastructure. Tortoise’s  “right-in-time” functionality has resonated with business executives and IT professionals alike.

“Self-Service analytics became difficult when our analysts were flooded with speed of thought answers.  Do you want the real-time answer, or the right answer?”’s spokesperson said. “Big Data was one thing but the introduction of 100x increase in query performance…it was just too stressful.”

And like any good relationship, time spent is an investment – and WibiData has invested a lot of it in Tortoise. We will soon be offering a six-month intensive training tutorial to develop and run a single historic query.

[Disclaimer: April Fools]