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Five Pillars of Big Data Applications

WibiData builds Big Data Applications for a variety of industries. Each application suite is designed based on the baseline data model, predictive models and application adapters that each industry requires to solve its distinct challenges. All of our applications are based on five pillars that define Big Data Applications.

  • Content Personalization - ensures that everything an end-user sees is purposeful and helps them meet their objective
  • Search Relevance - prioritizes content most relevant based on a user's behavior and preferences
  • Predictive Recommendations - introduce alternative paths, built off models of millions of similar users
  • Anomaly Detection - flags users venturing off the beaten path
  • Dynamic Micro-Segmentation - continuously evaluates which target market a customer fits into based on their profile, interests and current intent

WibiData partners with organizations to understand their specific needs and assist them in building Big Data Applications that integrate with their websites, mobile applications and third-party systems. Each industry offers a different experience depending on whether users are shopping, banking or browsing online entertainment. WibiData creates solutions for industries that have a vital need to create better application experiences.

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Learn more about the role data science plays in WibiData technology from Chief Architect, Aaron Kimball:


This video is courtesy of Coursera, the full course, 'Introduction to Data Science,' can be found here.