The WibiData Architecture

Entity-centric data has challenges associated with it that you don’t necessarily see with other large-scale data

WibiData connects front-office applications to existing Big Data infrastructure

Software That Runs Anywhere

WibiData’s Big Data Applications integrate customer profile and transactional data with real-time application data. All of your customer and application data is grouped into individual customer entity records with related third-party data. WibiData stores all entity data and schema metadata in HBase, running on your servers or in the cloud. Whatever your application channels - website, mobile servers, API servers or front-office application servers - WibiData sits beside them, providing access to the most relevant data.

Interface With Application Channels

Big Data Applications collect data directly from application channels, including front-end systems, web servers, application servers and API servers via the KijiREST service. You can merge real-time data with batch imports from any Hadoop compatible system. WibiData is compatible with a broad selection of standard technologies that support Hadoop and REST. Application channels retrieve data through the same REST server and client libraries used to store data. WibiData runs on your existing Big Data infrastructure by integrating with your current data architecture using standard interfaces, languages and specifications such as ODBC, Scala and PMML for running predictive models.

Respond to Users Dynamically

Whether your application recommends products, detects fraudulent interactions or assesses value at risk, WibiData can provide a richer, more contextualized support experience that optimizes the user experience. Developers gain easy access to up-to-date detail data for training predictive models, and experimenting and deploying with models on live data. WibiData executes “fresheners” in line with each request. Fresheners recompute logic and score predictive models to customize application features. KijiExpress compatible models can be directly deployed into WibiData to run in real time. WibiData handles any complex, dynamic logic necessary to create better appliance experiences.

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