An Application Server for Big Data

Modern enterprises are inundated with data. Organizations look to Apache Hadoop for reliable, cost-effective and scalable storage combined with analytic capabilities. Apache Hadoop’s data processing model, MapReduce, allows analysts to apply sophisticated algorithms to the entire data set in batch. WibiData’s machine learning libraries provide the tools to build complex data processing pipelines immediately.

These batch capabilities are used in conjunction with Apache HBase. HBase provides a real-time NoSQL database layer that tightly integrates with Hadoop. Profiles, recommendations and other analytic results can be retrieved per-user in real time. WibiData’s Data Access Server also allows you to “re-fresh” derived data on the fly, augmenting HBase’s real-time data retrieval capability with real-time processing.

Store Data Optimized for Applications

WibiData stores any type of information:

  • Individual values (ex: names, email addresses and phone numbers)
  • Unstructured text (ex: web pages and emails)
  • Log file entries
  • Sophisticated machine learning models, predictions and recommendations
  • This degree of flexibility requires a powerful system to manage how data is recorded and presented to applications. That system is Apache Avro, which provides WibiData with flexible schema management.

Integrate with Your Existing BI Investment

WibiData provides tools to export your data from its current distributed data repository into any relational database. A snapshot of your data set can be posted to any database: Oracle, MySQL, Netezza, Vertica and more. WibiData empowers everyone at your organization to engage with data using the tools they know and love.

Standards-based Sofware 

By leaning on this powerful and proven software stack, WibiData offers an integrated system to store, process and serve all your information. Furthermore, Apache’s open source roots ensure that a broad community of developers continues to improve the underlying platform, increasing the value of investment over time. Finally, a growing number of vendors provide commercial support for the lower-level Apache stack. WibiData is a Cloudera Certified Technology Solution and can power your most demanding applications no matter who your vendor is.