The Future is Paved with Data

By Ian Alexander,


WibiData welcomes Product Manager Ian AlexanderOver the next decade, the competitive use of data will define every industry. The past decade of technology has given us ubiquitous mobile devices, cloud computing, new software applications and more data than we know what to do with. This data has driven several high-profile acquisitions, and enabled companies like Google, Amazon and Netflix to create and capture unbelievable shareholder value. In the next decade, our economy will further and further be defined by our ability to understand and utilize available data.

For the past three years, I have been able to work with a tremendously talented team at Deloitte Consulting in their technology consulting group. At Deloitte, I saw two major trends within our clients. The first being a new breed of beautifully made and easy-to-use enterprise software like Box, Salesforce, and Workday that are driving a fundamental shift in how Fortune 500 companies think about IT. The second being the pervasive use of data to gain an advantage in ultra-competitive markets.

This is why when a friend reached out to me about WibiData, I recognized what a fantastic opportunity it was. The team here is an incredible mix of engineers, data scientists, analytics specialists and strategic masterminds. We’re working on a new generation of enterprise software that will enable businesses to use their data as a weapon against competitors and unlock previously unseen innovation and efficiency.

I’m incredibly excited to be joining WibiData’s product management team, where I will focus on retail industry applications. We’re preparing to unveil some exciting developments in the future and I’m thrilled to get to share our technology with a broader audience. This software will help fulfill the aspiration of data driven enterprise, enable unparalleled customer experiences and utilize data as a competitive advantage.

If this sounds like your kind of vision come talk to us, we’re hiring. Keep following us here at and on Twitter to see what’s coming next.

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