Top 10 Big Data Resolutions for 2014

By WibiData Staff,


WibiData's 2014 big data resolutions

Happy New Year from WibiData!  Now that we’ve reflected on all the great moments in 2013 and toasted to the start of a new year, there is only one thing left to do — make some audacious goals! So, what BIG Resolutions can we make for 2014?

As a company, we huddled together to create a list of Big Data Resolutions to keep and make in 2014.

Here are the top 10 Big Data New Year Resolutions from WibiData:

  1. I will not smash my coffee cup when a node fails.
  2. I will pay closer attention to how my unsupervised learning jobs are running.
  3. I will test the logging because logging bugs come back to bite you every time.
  4. I will stop feeding the office canines under my desk.
  5. I will stop referring to medium sized data as Big Data.
  6. I will make my Big Data Semantic Web friendly.
  7. I will log everything, even if it’s use is not immediately obvious why I should.
  8. I will admit it’s not just about the size of my data, but how I use it.
  9. I will use some of my free time to do some good using Data.
  10. I will learn the correct pronunciation of the word, “Hadoop.”

Let’s hope by sharing our resolutions, we will be more inclined to keep them this year. Best of luck to all those trying to keep New Years Resolutions as well.

Happy New Year, from all of us at WibiData!

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