Top 10 Big Data Technologies We Are Most Thankful For

By WibiData Staff,


​Over the years many extremely helpful Big Data tools and technologies have made their way into the Big Data ecosystem.  So what better time of year to give thanks to the tools, resources and technologies that have made life a little easier for Big Data practitioners. WibiData huddled together to brainstorm and pay tribute to the top 10 Big Data Technologies that have truly enriched our professional lives.

Here are the top 10 Big Data Technologies Wibis are most thankful for:

  1. Complex schemas.  They’re like the turducken of data, providing layers and layers of coding deliciousness.
  2. Serialization Formats like Avro.  Sharing is caring, and these formats allow developers to build applications in whatever language they prefer. Everybody gets some stuffing!
  3. Scale-Out Systems.  So you’ll never get stuck at the kid’s table when there are too many people at the adult table.
  4. KijiScoring. KijiScoring allows applications to personalize in real time, because your sister-in-law’s nephew is a vegan and your uncle’s second-cousin is gluten-free.
  5. Hadoop Weekly.  The Big Data ecosystem moves quick with many different players. Hadoop Weekly is like the Facebook newsfeed of Big Data, without the stress of having to block your relatives.
  6. Amazon EC2.  Because sometimes it’s just easier to pay for catering rather than slave over a hot stove.
  7. Cloudera Manager and Ambari Because setting up Hadoop clusters manually is as painful as sitting through your Great Aunt Millie’s account of her bunion surgery.
  8. D3.  Not a Big Data technology per se, but being able to quickly create compelling, interactive visualizations beats trying to make extravagant centerpieces from scratch.
  9. The Twitter API.  Having a Big Data set to play with and work through interesting data mining problems is great. And it’s as trendy as kale stuffing.
  10. Scalding.  It’s the best way to avoid getting burned building your own MapReduce data flows.

A big THANK YOU to all of these Big Data Technologies and tools! Without them, our lives would be less informed, more stressful and a whole lot harder.

Happy Thanksgiving, from all of us at WibiData!

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