WibiData’s Jon Natkins Presents at BrightTALK’s Hadoop Evolution Summit

By WibiData Staff,


WibiData Field Engineer Jonathan NatkinsThis Wednesday, WibiData field engineer Jon Natkins’ presented “Building a Real-Time Recommendation System” during BrightTALK’s Hadoop Evolution Summit.  Jon joined a prestigious list of presenters from organizations such as NASA, Cloudera, Trulia, Warwick Business School and Syncsort to discuss successful Hadoop executions, analytics innovation and deriving business value from Big Data.

Watch Jon’s webinar below!

Consumers are constantly searching for something new, and to stay competitive, organizations must act immediately based on up-to-date data. Improving the relevancy of recommendations results creates better user experiences for customers, builds brand loyalty, and differentiates organizations from their competition. However, the longer it takes to provide a recommendation, the less likely that the right offer is going to be presented to a customer.

In order to provide more relevant recommendations, organizations must track customer interactions and regenerate recommendations on the fly, as customers interact with an application. In this webinar, Jon discusses how developers can use Apache HBase and the Kiji framework to develop low-latency predictive models, using algorithms like collaborative filtering, and how to leverage those models in the context of a full application.


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