WibiData Announces Cloudera 5 Certification

By Jon Natkins,


WibiData Member of Technical Staff Jonathan NatkinsWibiData is committed to providing big data personalization solutions that are tightly integrated with the Hadoop ecosystem. We continue to work with partners like Cloudera to make our customers’ lives easier and their big data initiatives successful. That is why we are very excited to announce that the Kiji Project and WibiEnterprise 3.0 is officially certified to run on Cloudera 5 (CDH 5).

The Hadoop ecosystem has seen an evolution in the the economic feasibility of data storage, the usability of tools and the enterprise support now available to a variety of industries.  The release of Cloudera 5 is representative of how the Hadoop ecosystem is maturing so rapidly.

Cloudera 5 has many new features including an extensibility framework for defining custom services that can be managed by Cloudera Manager. Through integration with Cloudera Manager’s custom service descriptor framework, Kiji and WibiEnterprise users will be able to set up and manage Kiji services from within Cloudera Manager.

The Kiji Project and WibiEnterprise 3.0 are now Cloudera 5 certified

Specifically, users will be able to use the Cloudera Manager parcel system to download Kiji libraries and distribute them across their clusters with a couple of clicks. This will allow WibiData customers to download and deploy libraries via Cloudera Manager and manage Kiji services through the robust administrative interface that Cloudera Manager provides. Additionally, Kiji  and WibiEnterprise users will be able to run on top of CDH5, which includes HBase 0.96. This release of HBase will provide major improvements to WibiData software’s underlying technology in the form of improved stability, scale and operability.

Through the Cloudera certification, WibiData has ensured that Kiji has been rigorously tested and validated against the Cloudera distribution. WibiData has shown its commitment to supporting Kiji users who run CDH by being one of the first Cloudera partners to integrate with Cloudera Manager.  Stay tuned for more partner news to come!

Please find the full press release here.

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