WibiData Brings Big Data to the Smartphone: Introducing KijiMobile

By WibiData Staff,


Big data technologies are coming to mobile“As long as we can make them smaller, we can make them faster”- Seymore Cray

Big Data technologies have seen a massive evolution in the past decade, making data storage and analysis more accessible and easier to use. However, data engineers and scientists are still chained to laptops and large monitors – until now. The brilliant minds that brought you the Kiji Project, the open-source framework for building Big Data Applications, have decided to bring the power of Kiji to your smartphone.

While word count still dominates the majority of computational computing, KijiMobile will now add a level of complexity with the addition of autocorrect. However, we recommend checking your code carefully before sending a query to the cloud, in order to avoid major miscommunication.

We are excited to announce the launch of KijiMobile, utilizing MapReduce and distributed processing on standard Blackberry and WebOS devices with future plans to support Symbian OS in Q2. Data engineers and scientists can now join the mobile revolution by developing big data applications get started using KijiMobile with Pandora’s Bento Box.

Components of Pandora’s Bento Box include:Introducing KijiMobile

  • Google MapsReduce – Run highly parallel jobs with not just data locality, but geo locality.
  • Snap Schema – All your data in 10 seconds or less because who wants to run a batch job in over 10 seconds? All schemas are ephemeral.
  • InstaREST –  Make your data look like it did 20 years ago, with retro custom filters that can be shared with your network #Dataselfies #throwbackdata #nicesaladdata
  • Uber Express –  No one likes having to physically enter command lines. Now Kiji has partnered with Uber to deliver a suave geolocation strategy.
  • Siri Scoring- Voice activated queries for the data engineer on the go. Asking your data trivial questions just got easier.
  • Hive Candy – The ideal way to monetize HIVE queries. The first five map jobs are free, but Reducers cost a nominal fee.

These components let you donate your computational power to the cloud where we can use big data to improve your life decisions in real time. All proceeds and user data will be donated to charity.

We think the following quote from Seymore Cray sums up our motivation behind the release for KijiMobile; If you were plowing a field, which would you rather use? Two strong oxen or 1024 chickens?

Payments now accepted in Bitcoin

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