WibiData Raises $15M to Advance Big Data Applications

By Christophe Bisciglia,


WibiData CEO Christophe Bisciglia founded the company in 2010 after having founded Cloudera, the leading provider of Apache Hadoop-based software and services. Previously, he was a senior software engineer at Google where he founded the Academic Cloud Computing Initiative, which provides Google-hosted computational resources in partnership with the National Science Foundation.

We are excited to announce that Canaan Partners has made an investment in WibiData, leading a $15 million Series B funding round with participation from existing investors, including NEA and Google’s Chairman, Eric Schmidt.


Just as the Big Data ecosystem is heating up, many are beginning to experience a Big Data hangover. While most people intuitively understand that more data is better, few businesses have been able to articulate the true value of Big Data to the bottom line. WibiData customers do more than store and analyze large volumes of data – they use the results of their analysis to create dynamic and personalized user experiences. We founded WibiData on the vision that data-driven experiences are a competitive advantage and enterprises should use the data they collect to serve each individual customer across web, mobile and out in the world at kiosks, point-of-sale systems and ATMs. Consider our roots at Amazon, Cloudera, Google and YouTube and imagine if all companies understood their customers in similar ways.

Big Data Applications Deliver Data-Driven Experiences

Big Data Applications close the gap between the data organizations collect and analyze in the back office and the experience created for customers in the front office. WibiData provides application level, Big Data solutions that enterprises need to adapt to changing customer behavior in real time, at scale and across platforms. Our applications allow companies to increase engagement and reduce risk by dynamically applying predictive models to data and adapting the application with each click, creating customized, contextual experiences without the vast engineering resources most web giants require.

Our solutions address the varying business challenges different industries face when it comes to data integration, analysis and predictive modeling. We will use this capital to expand our suite of application solutions for vertical industries. In retail, for example, a Big Data Application suite will allow an ecommerce company to personalize content, improve search relevance, deliver targeted recommendations and integrate anomaly detection across web properties, mobile devices, in-store kiosks and POS systems.


We built WibiData’s technology on open-source software that is reliable, scalable and widely deployed, as exemplified by the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. Our experience with the Apache community led us to open-source the backbone of WibiData’s technology, the Kiji Project. Kiji drastically reduces Big Data Application development and deployment cycles and allows the community to contribute to and innovate with the project as we continue development.

As the Big Data skills gap widens, WibiData is creating Big Data Applications that let organizations take advantage of their data without having to hire across the entire technology stack. Our solutions address the varying business challenges different industries face when it comes to data integration, analysis and predictive modeling in ways that are familiar and accessible to existing staff.


With this funding, we will continue to hire incredible people, create exciting new products and contribute to amazing open source projects. With Canaan Partners’ Ross Fubini joining our board, we gain another seasoned entrepreneur and operator, with deep enterprise experience. Previously, Ross co-founded CubeTree, an enterprise social collaboration company, and held executive roles at Plumtree, BEA and SuccessFactors.

Stay-tuned, we’ll have more news in the months to come.