WibiData + Strata + Hadoop World

By WibiData Staff,


Last week, WibiData traveled to New York City for the fifth annual Strata + Hadoop World Conference. It was an exciting week filled with interesting keynote presentations, session talks, tutorials and meetups; an overall great gathering of Hadoop users, contributors and supporters.

WibiData had the opportunity to take center stage at several events at and surrounding the conference.

WibiData engineer Jonathan Natkins and partner Juliet Hougland presented “Real-time Recommendations for Retail: Architecture, Algorithms, and Design” at the conference on Tuesday. In this session, they explained how ecommerce companies can use Kiji, WibiData’s open-source framework for building Big Data Applications, to provide more relevant recommendations and increase engagement by tracking customer interactions and rescoring recommendations on the fly. The session was packed with Hadoop users eager to see what’s possible with Kiji.

In addition, WibiData’s very own Robert Chu presented, “Predictive Analytics with Hadoop” at the New York Hadoop User Group meetup on Monday.  In this talk, Robert discussed how KijiExpress is designed to make predictive modeling easier by providing much needed tooling and allowing users to define MapReduce jobs through Scalding jobs. As a use case, Robert used the Enron email dataset to demonstrate how to define, train and validate predictive models using KijiExpress.

Across town, several Wibis attended the New York HBase meetup, which covered innovations and use cases in the HBase ecosystem. After two impressive presentations, Opower engineer Oren Benjamin led a bar camp session detailing how Opower is using Kiji to power a scalable, energy usage insight engine capable of ingesting, maintaining and analyzing data streams to provide actionable insights that help consumers manage their energy use.

Overall, the event was a reflection of how Apache Hadoop is quickly becoming the industry standard in enterprise data ingestion and management. The explosive growth of the community coupled with the innovative approaches detailed by speakers and exhibitors solidified the event as a benchmark in the Big Data community. WibiData was honored and pleased to be such a big part of the industry event of the year.

We look forward to seeing you again next year at Strata + Hadoop World!