WibiData Welcomes a New Data Scientist

By Ed Fine,


WibiData welcomes data scientist Ed FineI have been at WibiData for a couple of months now, and what a ride it’s been.  In that time, I have not only massively expanded my knowledge base, but I am already building recommender systems that work on more data and deploy faster than I have ever seen before.  Not only do they accelerate the process, but our tools allow me to work far faster too.  What an awesome feeling for a data scientist.

Prior to WibiData, I came from a rapidly growing online retailer. The data was extremely important, and the need for data science was clear.  But much of the time, I felt that I was reinventing the wheel.  While the data was unique, the solutions that I was building were similar to other solutions that I or my colleagues had leveraged at other firms.  When I talked about this with my data scientist friends, it seemed many of us have had this feeling. The solutions we built were customized in terms of how to extract value for the business. But there were common themes and approaches I kept seeing again and again, including generating recommendations and helping customers find what they are looking for.

When I first learned about WibiData, I had been interested in and working with big data for some time.  I saw that I could do more data science faster and do it using state of the art software.  The powers that Wibi brought to rapidly building big data applications were compelling and I had to get onboard.

What I did not realize was what a great culture we have. It is fun and lively, with a great startup blend of intelligence and excitement. Our diverse team that is welcoming to all.  WibiData is one of those places where everyone is extremely smart. You know everyone has a superpower; it’s up to you to find it. It’s an engineering focused culture that celebrates play because it fosters creation.  I can’t wait to tell you what we are doing a year from now, because I know it is going to be fantastic.

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