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10 Cute & Special Names for Baby Boys That Start With O

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Are you expecting your first child? Well, congratulations! So, now you have many things to do one by one! Therefore, the first and foremost thing to consider is to choose a perfect name for your little one. 

Suppose you have always been looking for baby boy names, which are creative, charming, traditional, and rare. So, are you thinking of the letter O? Well, a great choice! 

The 10 Best Baby Boy Names from ‘O’

The cute & special names for baby boys starting with O have emerged in popularity among parents. Some top-notch O letter names for boys include Otis, Oscar, and Orion, which are meant to be dreamy, innovative, and cute. 

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  1. Oscar

Such a cute and special baby boy name ‘Oscar’ may bring up the pictures of little gold statuettes. However, endless things are connected to this word and not just the most desired Hollywood award.

As per Irish mythology, the powerful character ‘Oscar’ is a furious warrior much appreciated by his community. 

Besides, according to Gaelic culture, it means ‘spear of the Gods.’ ‘Oscar’ became highly famous and widespread across Europe in the early 19th century when Scottish poet James Macpherson incorporated this name.

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  1. Oliver

If you have named your baby girl ‘Olivia,’ now it’s time to name your second child ‘Oliver.’ In the USA, Oliver is in the top 6th position in popularity. As per the SSA data, the boy name ‘Oliver’ got placed in the top 100 boys’ names in 2009. 

However, it is widely famous in Scotland, England, New Zealand, and Australia. This Latin-originated name means ‘olive tree,’ and it was also thought to be derived from the Latin term ‘Olivares.’ Charles Dickens’s novel Oliver Twist uplifted the significance of this name in the 19th century. 

  1. Orion

Your little one must be a shining star, and therefore, considering the ‘Orion’ name for him would be a super choice. According to Greek mythology, he was a potent hunter and Poseidon’s son, and he was converted into a constellation by Zeus. 

Nowadays, Orion is the most revered constellation in the night sky, and it also possesses a mystical edge. 

Apart from its Greek mythology meaning of a rising star, having both religious and mythical overtones, your kiddo will have romantic and practical characteristics while bearing this name. 

  1. Omar

‘Omar’ is one of the cute & notable names for baby boys starting with O, which has countless meanings, such as ‘flourishing, speaker, and long-lived.’ 

So, in Hebrew culture, ‘Omar’ means ‘a good speaker;’ in Arabic, it means ‘long-lived,’ or ‘progressing,’ and often pronounced as ‘Umar.’ 

On top of that, the name ‘Omar’ was a name of a minor character in the Bible as Jacob’s nephew and Esau’s son. So, this name was well-recognized in the USA in the 16th and 19th centuries. 

Therefore, all credit goes to Puritans, who loved to name their children as per the non-prominent figures in the Bible.

  1. Orlando

The cute baby name ‘Orlando’ is the Italian variation of Roland and often pronounced as ‘or-LAHN-doh.’ This Spanish-originated name ranks 1520th in popularity and means ‘famous across the land.’ 

If you are an inhabitant of Orlando, Florida, naming your child this name will definitely suit your baby’s characteristics. Do you want your kiddo to become a professional athlete? 

Considering the name ‘Orlando’ will be an incredible choice because famous baseball players include Orlando Hernandez, Orlando Cabrera, and Orlando Hudson. 

  1. Otis

The unique baby boy name ‘Otis’ possesses a double image, which is bluesy and cool. Being a German-originated name, ‘Otis’ means wealthy. Previously, it had the history of an upscale and high-society name. 

Nevertheless, such an elegant name possesses true appeal among parents. They prefer this name and remain attracted to its elegant O initial and amalgamation of spunk and potential. 

Some famous celebs named Otis are Otis Redding, the musician, Otis Henry Thorpe, an American basketball player, and Otis Chandler, the publisher of the Los Angeles Times.

  1. Owen

This Welsh name ‘Owen’ originated from two trendy names, the Celtic ‘Eoghan,’ and the Welsh ‘Owain.’ 

Both of these names are associated with Eugene that ultimately derived from the Greek term ‘eugenes,’ and consisted of the elements ‘eu,’ which means fantastic, and ‘genes,’ which means born. 

So, altogether, ‘Owen’ indicates a mighty ‘young warrior,’ or ‘well-born.’ This is how it became a significant Welsh patronymic surname and first name during the renaissance. 

As per the historical eminence, the legendary St. Owen was a Benedictine saint who was a supporter and follower of St. Chad.

  1. Osiris

The famous baby boy name ‘Osiris’ originated from Egypt, meaning ‘with powerful eyesight.’ As per Egyptian mythology, this name belonged to an Egyptian mythology god-king, who died and reincarnated every year. 

Evolving from centuries of vagueness, Osiris possesses countless ingredients for success in the contemporary world. So, your newborn will absolutely love this name! 

  1. Odin

Such a cute and special baby boy name ‘Odin’ was derived from Norse origin. Moreover, it is the personification of supremacy. 

‘Odin’ is also the Norse god of tradition, law, sagacity, and art, who was elegant, handsome, and eloquent in bargaining. However, ‘Odin’ showcases a good measure of power, strength and possesses superior consumption potential. 

  1. Oakleigh

The name ‘Oakleigh’ originated from ‘Oakland,’ a crucial West Coast Port city in California. It is considered to be a unisex name, but it is more famous among boys’ parents. 

So, ‘Oakleigh’ is more associated with the ancient English name ‘Oakley,’ and means ‘who stayed on a patch of land identified by an oak tree,’ or ‘meadow of oak trees.’ 

Concluding words

Your search ends here as we have amassed the top 10 cute & special names for baby boys, starting with O. If you are inquisitive about the ‘O-named’ baby boys, our list has covered you all! 

Please go through the meaning of every name before choosing one randomly. From influential personalities in movies, historical figures to TV shows, all such names are incorporated here. Hope it helps you pick out the most preferred one for your kiddo!