5 Steps to Buying a Compact Keyboard

    Computers have become an essential way of life for many people. It is common to use them for writing essays, creating spreadsheets, gaming and even surfing online. However, most prebuilt PC keyboards are dreadful to use.

    That’s why some individuals are preferring to use customizable compact keyboards that are not only durable but also highly responsive and enjoyable to use.

    There are several key factors you ought to consider before buying a compact keyboard for your everyday use. After all, you don’t want to get frustrated by your purchase after a short while.

    Here are 5 steps to buying a compact keyboard:

    Consider the nature of your work 

    There’s a vast array of computer keyboards currently being sold in the market, each designed for a distinct purpose. Therefore, it’s important to reflect on how you intend to use your compact keyboard.

    Avid gamers should look for special gaming keyboards that are made using unique gaming keys for assistive playing. If your work involves heavy typing for prolonged hours, settle for a comfortable keyboard with superior ergonomics.

    Check its build quality and design

    computer keyboard

    The architecture and build quality of your preferred keyboard certainly matter. Compact keyboards can be grouped into three main design categories: standard, ergonomic, and gaming.

    The most commonly used are standard keyboards – they are equipped with special multimedia keys that greatly enhance a user’s watching and listening experience. Ergonomic keyboards, on the other hand, provide the best user comfort and wrist rest.

    People who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome should definitely use ergonomic keyboards. Gaming keyboards possess a variety of specialized keys that enhance the gaming experience. When buying a compact keyboard, get one with the best design and durability.

    Assess the keystrokes/switches

    Not all keyboard switches work the same. Some are delightfully smooth and responsive while others are sticky and feel like a typewriter. When choosing a compact keyboard, it’s important to test the keys and check how they feel.

    Are they sensitive to light touches or do they require excessive pressure to provide the desired response? If you’re not sure about a particular keyboard, seek help from a trusted keyboard expert.

    Ensure that your preferred keyboard is programmable

    programmable keyboard

    Programmable keyboards can easily be reconfigured to accept different commands and perform a desired action (other than default function). This property is especially crucial for gamers.

    Most mechanical keyboards can be programmed, allowing users to execute a combination of complex actions using a single keystroke. If you’re a gamer, ensure that the compact keyboard you choose accepts game macros. Typists might not require a programmable keyboard.

    Read online reviews

    Product reviews provide vital information about a particular item from customers who’ve used it before. One crucial rule of thumb is always read product reviews before purchasing stuff, especially if it’s electronics.

    Ensure you read ample reviews on your choice compact keyboard from trusted online sites. In addition, you could ask around for recommendations from colleagues and loved ones. If you prefer flashy keyboards, look for one that provides cool RGB lighting features.

    Follow these 5 steps when buying your next compact keyboard.


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