5G Coming to Premium iPhones in 2020 and for All in 2021

    Who can forget about the Ming-Chi Kuo well known for his Apple leaking news and reports, he seems to be more active about the 2020 and keeping a close eye on it. Some news is circling and reports about future iPhones.

    The high-end versions of iPhone handsets are getting the 5G in the middle of 2020, and in 2021 on every model of Apple iPhone will have a next-generation 5G network on it.

    Rumors are everywhere about the company holding the 5G wireless until 2020, recent reports showing that is true. We all were expecting Apple to launch the 5G sooner or maybe at the end of this year but now things are behind the curve for Apple.

    Other Android dealers are now moving forward and racing to get this wireless technology as soon as possible in the market.

    Now the top manufacturers of Android companies like Samsung, Oneplus, Huawei, and LG are taking the lead to and pulling the horses to introduce 5G wireless tech very soon or maybe at the end of 2019.

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    Apple is now pushing the 5G into a primary level, the main reason of this recent decision is to make a good impact with the Qualcomm, but Ming-Chi believes that Apple is trying to manufacture its own 5G wireless chips in upcoming years more likely to be in 2022/2023.

    To make Apple more independent and not relying on third-party products or manufacturers, the alliance will be cut down when this plan works perfectly.

    According to recent reports, Apple is working on releasing the three new models of iPhone within next year. In the list of the new iPhone 5.4-inch and 6.7-inch OLED models, that make the small iPhone smaller and the large iPhone bigger than the old ones.


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