5G Network Technology- The Future is Here

    Mobile world congress 2019 was here and as expected it introduced a whole lot of new technology to the world. But the thing that won the whole audience was 5G network Technology.

    If we remember, it was just a few years go that 4G was introduced and as expected it changed everything.

    Now that 5G network Technology, the best of the best is here, and is soon to become a reality, there are a thousand expectations from it.

    It makes us question about the whole future of the technology and what it has in stores for the human race.

    In this event, many companies also introduced their 5G network Technology mobiles to show that they are not behind in this race of technology.

    Thanks to 5G Technology the future, that seemed almost impossible, is here and it looks quite promising.

    What changes will 5G Network Technology bring?

    First of all, we have to keep in mind that when it comes to technology, it may look magic to an outsider but it really isn’t. It took a lot of sweat and blood to reach where we are today.

    Technology became finer and finer with every new invention but it was not a matter of seconds instead it is a result of centuries of research and hard work.

    5G network technology is nothing different, in simple terms we can say that its 4G on steroids.

    The current speed of the 4G network is almost 45MBs per seconds, while 5G technology will hopefully provide us with speed as high as 1GB per second.

    Just imagine you can download the first episode of season 8 of the game of thrones in just seconds. Now that’s what we call unbelievable.

    This new network will provide higher bandwidth and lower latency than ever before.

    The 5G technology will facilitate a whole series of new experiences in all areas and sectors: mobility, virtual reality, robots with more complex functions, autonomous driving, telephony and computing, Internet of Things, etc.

    In summary, it will help to promote the development of that smart city to which we aspire and which is becoming closer and more feasible.

    When is it Launching?


    The complete implementation and launch of the 5G network technology are planned for 2020.

    Although some of the main operators say that the network will be deployed later this year, it will not be until 2020 when it can really materialize, since the terminals compatible with this technology will arrive in late 2019.

    At the moment, all telecommunications companies are still focused on their trials with 5G technology.

    For example, the Japanese company DTT Docomo is considering broadcasting live the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, with virtual reality experience, as well as the US AT & T and Verizon.

    Many smartphone companies have introduced their 5G mobile phones this year but they will be available for the public use at the end of 2019 or perhaps the start of 2020.

    Advantages of 5G Network Technology:


    When it comes to advantages of 5G network Technology, well they are numerous. It won’t just affect a single discipline instead every single aspect of our lives will benefit from it. Want to know how? Let’s talk about it.

    What’s the most important thing for you after love? Health, right? Everyone wants to enjoy a long healthy life with their loved ones.

    What impacts will 5G network technology have on your health? Well, it will have a huge impact on preventive treatment, patient data in real time or remote surgeries etc.

    Doctors would be able to do remote surgeries that would be really beneficial and economical as well.

    What’s next? Entertainment? I don’t think I need to explain what impacts will 5G network technology have on entertainment.

    You can have the 360-degree broadcast of live events. Autonomous driving and transport optimization will be best than ever.

    In the sector of tourism, instant information and multilingual interpretation would be at your beck and call.

    Want to know about the industry? Well, remote management of risk activities or critical situations will be very convenient to deal with.

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    The advantages can be fitted into 3 fundamental pillars:

    Improved broadband. The 5G technology promises 10Gbps speed connectivity and a network with ultra-low latency times like the 5G threshold of 5 milliseconds.

    The Internet of things (IoT). the published predictions calculate some 20 billion loT connections by 2020 connections that will direct intelligent buildings and cities.

    High-reliability networks. In addition to doing what makes 4G better and faster, 5G technology speeds open new doors to allow new experiences within the framework of smart cities.

    As vehicles without driver are coordinated in the network or enable augmented reality and virtual reality, for example.

    It is estimated that, by 2035, the 5G technology will generate an overall volume of 3,500 billion dollars and more than 22 million jobs.

    Now that’s what we call future.

    What to expect from 5G Network Technology for users?


    In this sense, the advances will be few but conclusive.

    The new network will offer higher upload and download speeds of content, something essential for more demanding consumers who spend more and more time in front of the screens consuming audiovisual content of all kinds but also, playing, accessing the media and also, performing many procedures in fields such as health or education.

    However, this does not remain here, since all this will come together with the need for greater stability.

    What to expect from 5G Network Technology for operators?


    Many telecommunications companies encounter obstacles when they present the cost of greater use of data for their clients.

    However, many operators are also realizing the numerous business opportunities that 5G network technology brings, including new sources of revenue that take advantage of the growth of the IoT.

    Such as smart watches, other portable elements, and sensors integrated into industrial products that can be connected to 5G network technology networks.

    These opportunities are available to operators and technology companies around the world.

    The main factor that can trigger the income of the operators is the fact that 5G network technology, having more capacity and speed, will increase the flow of data.

    However, a business model has yet to be defined.

    You cannot fail to mention the device manufacturers.

    The manufacturers of the components, terminals, and equipment will perhaps benefit most from this new technology given its mass market characteristic.

    Smartphones with 5G Technology

    For years companies have been prepared to take the next step, one as important as it was the arrival of LT 4G, only with the exponential growth, this new network will allow many more things thanks to the speed it offers.

    Now that the future of the technology i.e. 5G network is really here, manufacturers have finally introduced 5G technology smartphones that will reach the market in the coming months.

    These companies include well reputable companies like Huawei and Samsung etc. Some of the smartphones introduced in the Mobile world congress 2019 include:

    1. Huawei Mate X

    With 8GB RAM and Kirin 980 and Balong 5000 modem processor, Huawei Mate X was the star of the whole event.

    It is clear that what makes it special is the fact that its screen is foldable and very different from Samsung.

    It can be said that it is more a tablet that turns into phones than a phone that becomes a tablet.

    The price is 2,299 euros which are quite exactly as expected from a 5G phone with a 512 GB memory and Android 9 + EMUI 9.0 software.

    2. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G

    Samsung isn’t the one to be left behind when it comes to improving software and quality.

    That’s exactly what Samsung did in this case of Galaxy S10 5G. In addition to being the first Samsung phone with 5G technology, it is also the first Samsung phone with 4 cameras.

    The Software is Android 9 Pie. Although It has the same 8GB ram as its competitor Huawei Mate X.

    Unfortunately, it is far behind in case of memory as it has only 256 GB storage which is quite less as compared to the strikingly amazing 512 GB memory of Mate X.

    3. Nubia Mini 5G:

    Nubia has presented one of the rarest designs of the MWC 2019 with the Nubia Alpha smart watch phone rolling, but it has not escaped presenting a 5G terminal. 

    This is the Nubia Mini 5G, which despite its surname has a panel of 5.7 inches.

    Like almost all competitors with 5G, it has a Snapdragon 855 and stands out for not presenting neither notch nor hole, something that is not seen too much for a couple of years. 

    Thus, it maintains a design with pronounced upper and lower edges. Another trend that Nubia has not joined is that of the double camera. 

    In the back of the Nubia Mini 5G we will only see a 48-megapixel sensor and in its front one of 8 MP.

    4. Energizer Power Max P8100S

    If you want to get out of the circle of huge famous expensive companies like Samsung and Huawei then we would like to introduce Energizer power Max P8100S.

    Their price i.e. 1600 euros, is much less than other 5G mobiles introduced in the event. Energizer has been one of the main protagonists of the MWC 2019 with its 18,000 mAh terminal.

    However, the company known for its batteries has introduced the Energizer Power Max P8100S, folding and 10,000 mAh that has also attracted much attention after the models of Samsung and Huawei, but apparently it is much rougher.

    5. Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G

    For all of us “not so rich tech lovers” that are as excited about 5G as a bride on her wedding, Xiaomi is like a knight in shining armor with its Mi MIX 3 with price as low as 599 euros.

    It has snapdragon 855 processor with 6GB RAM and 64 GB memory, I know that’s not that huge as compared to their Samsung or Huawei competitors but for the price, it’s all worth it.  

    In the MWC 2019, the company has chosen to launch a terminal that is practically traced in everything.

    But to support the new networks it also incorporates a higher capacity battery, which makes it thicker than its brother, and of course the Snapdragon 855 and the 5G modem that comes with it, the Snapdragon X50.

    Other than these there were several other companies that introduced their spectacular 5G smartphone models to the world through this event and those were also spectacular without any doubt.

    These companies have paved the way for others to accept this huge change as well. In the coming months, we will see many more models, with more innovations.

    We are desperately waiting to see what Apple makes as it is the only great actor in the industry that has not yet introduced a 5G smartphone of their own.


    5G network hasn’t properly arrived yet but it has already taken the world of technology by storm.

    Everyone is talking about it, everyone is thinking about it and everyone is preparing for it.

    Many of the smartphone companies have already equipped themselves with the necessary armor to benefit as much from this technology as they can.

    This makes us optimistic about the near presence of the future that, just a few years ago, looked like a fairytale dream.

    We can already hear it knocking on our doors now the question is are we ready to embrace it with open arms? And how will we welcome it?

    Because with each new innovation and each new accomplishment comes the responsibility of using it carefully and for positive purposes only as it is not difficult to misuse the technology as has been done numerous times in the past.

    The answer to the first question is, yes we are definitely ready. And about the second question, well that’s something we can never know only the time will tell.


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