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6 Content Marketing Strategies That Will Make You Big in 2023

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With the rise in COVID-19 infections worldwide, the coming year is starting to look like another period of social distancing and unpredictability. Some expect brands and companies to expedite their online initiatives due to the ongoing pandemic.

And with the perpetually changing business landscape, marketing trends that will be relied on in 2022 will likely lean more heavily into the creation of digital content and communication via technology. So as you start planning, be sure to include the following in your campaign.

A typical search engine optimization of SEO practice that is likely to remain effective in the coming years is link-building. As the name of the strategy implies, it’s the process of obtaining links for a website.

However, it’s not merely about having links guiding users to your online domain. Instead, it must be balanced with producing top-notch content and connecting and strengthening relationships with digital authority sources.

After all, placing links on sites that have little to do with your niche won’t lead to more traffic and conversions.

Link-building is essential because it builds trust between users and search engines. Backlinks essentially send signals to Google, Bing, Yahoo, and similar sites that a particular site is a credible source of information.

As a result, it’s more likely to appear much higher on the SERPs or search engine results in pages for its targeted keywords.

To check a website’s backlink profile, you can use the Backlink Checker tool.

2. Video content

There’s no denying that video content has been increasing in popularity as the preferred medium for delivering and consuming information. While written pieces can still engage users, it’s a good idea to publish videos online, too, because they allow you to speak to a much broader audience than you otherwise would have and step up your SEO efforts.

But like any other material, make sure that you prioritize quality and relevance above all when producing videos. Don’t forget to optimize descriptions, titles, hashtags, video length, and other pieces of information. Seek the assistance of a reputable content marketing agency if you can.

3. Pay-per-click Advertising


These days, the use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has become widespread. When you get right down to it, not only does it produce immediate results. But it’s also much easier to track and measure when compared to other digital marketing techniques.

Best of all, it’s financially manageable since you essentially only pay whenever your ad gets clicked.

4. Artificial Intelligence

It comes as no surprise that most consumers expect engagement immediately as soon as they decide to contact a business. Due to this, many have begun to depend on artificial intelligence (AI) to meet customer demands.

After all, AI tools like chatbots and voice assistants enable businesses to respond in real-time quickly. But, more importantly, the technology can analyze and evaluate user behavior.

As a result, it helps companies elevate the experience of their prospective and existing customers through personalized digital content. If you need help, the services of a professional SEO company can go a long way.

5. Social Media Marketing

The primary goal of marketing on the social media platform is to create exposure for a brand and increase its conversions. What sets it apart from other advertising methods is that these digital channels are host to billions of users online, giving you a sizable well of consumers you can potentially convert to paying customers.

So if you don’t have a presence yet on at least one or two of the most popular social media sites, you must get in on the action now.

6. Email Marketing


Email marketing might appear like an antiquated digital marketing method, but it remains as effective today as it was in the past. From keeping your offerings at the top of the minds of current and potential customers to encouraging multiple purchases, this strategy can lead to much higher returns than you might think.


No one can deny that 2022 will likely be as unpredictable as this year. Therefore, you need to arm your business with the right digital marketing strategies to keep up with – if not get ahead – of your competitors.

With the above-mentioned methods, you’ll be able to build and strengthen your online visibility and improve your conversion rate as a result.