7 Online Resources to Learn Web Development in 2019

    Are you looking to add one more skill to a resume, or change in the career path? Then web development is one of the best choices one can make. It is a craft that has evolved over time to become a sophisticated and demanding industry of the digital era.

    From learning the essentials of HTML, Javascript, and CSS, to mastering the latest frameworks, such as React and Bootstrap, there are several online courses to help one master web development.

    With these programs, you can train yourself irrespective of whether there is some background in coding or not. Whether you are a professional or a student practicing to create a page for your fellow learners to purchase essay online, these courses will certainly help in boosting one’s confidence. They can also help you crack the most challenging aspects of web developing.

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    Below we have listed the best resources for learners to pick up the basics to advance their web development skills.



    Famed as one of the best e-learning platforms of today, Udemy has a long list of web developer programs available for users of any level of experience.

    From specific coding languages to complete packages, Udemy offers the ultimate course catalog for anyone who wants to become a full-stack programmer.

    The prices of these courses range from $10 to $200, but there are many promotions offered. “The Complete Web Developer Course,” “The Advanced Web Developer Bootcamp,” and “The Result-Oriented Web Developer Course” are quite popular among many.


    While Udemy’s course catalog includes many aspects of web development, Codecademy, as the name suggests, focuses on coding. There are both free and paid programs forming extensive learning resources for coding languages from HTML, SQL, Java, to Python, and more.

    With a properly structured curriculum and a broad community of trainers, a dedicated team is always available to help anyone with clarifications or any questions related to the courses. Most of the Codecademy lessons also come with coding quizzes at the end.

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    Khan Academy 

    Another prominent player in the digital courses field is Khan Academy. It is a praised resource chosen by many to learn computer programming and web design.

    From the basics of programming to gaining knowledge of the latest advancements in the field, Khan Academy has a variety of lessons for all levels.

    Whether you are studying a new coding language or are already an advanced user, Khan Academy will have a course tailored to your needs.

    The Odin Project 

    The Odin Project is a website made exclusively for web page developers. They have created a curriculum that covers all the key aspects for anyone to become a professional web developer. Note that the focus is not on acquiring the skill overnight.

    The highlight of this resource is that the Odin Project is an open-source one available entirely free for anyone who wants to study.

    The only drawback is that for such a top-notch program, the website does not provide any certifications. However, the team assures that you will learn plenty to create an awesome portfolio to amaze any client.


    SoloLearn is an incredible source if you are trying to get the basics of coding.

    The platform has courses that are targeted at the fundamentals of coding languages. Those will be particularly useful for beginners. You need not any prior programming experience to grasp the lessons provided.

    SoloLearn has a coding playground, where users can generate codes to compete with opponents. There is also a very active discussion forum, which can be a valuable resource for learners. SoloLearn delivers the best for students. It also works efficiently as a community of programmers.


    The courses provided by Treehouse were designed for those with busy schedules. The team offers on-demand videos and tailored lessons if you want to acquire this skill without interrupting daily activities.

    The Techdegree program has several flexible courses with different schedules and focuses. Developed by tech professionals, each of these programs addresses the specific requirements most in-demand in the industry.

    Treehouse also gives opportunities to work on projects under the guidance of professionals. You will be able to receive feedback on each work.

    MIT OpenCourseWare

    If you are looking for real credibility, let us introduce the MIT OpenCourseWare. As good news to those who missed their chances with the famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the team has developed an online platform for those who want to learn from the experts.

    The web development curriculum offers lessons on computer science, programming; courses are available in many languages. All of the lessons are free, and certificates are available for a fee at the end.


    Wrapping Up

    There is no lack of resources for those who want to learn web development. Regardless of your level and availability, you can find a program that fits the needs. 

    All you need is to invest a bit of time and attention to master one of the most coveted skills of today.


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