Photography in the modern world can be summarized in two words i.e. filters and lenses. Everyone is constantly trying to find a photography app that can provide the best lenses and filters. One such example is Snapchat. Snapchat is famous for its intelligent technology and lenses which can recognize the object and change it in real-time.

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Another thing that comes to our mind when we talk about photography is adobe. Adobe is famous for its photography software. Now adobe has decided to take photography to the next level by introducing an app that will beat Snapchat’s lense and all other beauty apps. They have named the app “photoshop camera”

The app will launch in 2020. But the eager users can get the exclusive limited edition app before the worldwide release by signing up.


Not only will this app entertain the Apple users but it will also be available for android phones as well. As for most Adobe products, it will not be free. You will have to pay a certain amount to enjoy its features. But since it is adobe so we are sure that it will be worth your money.

According to Abhay Parasin, the executive Vice president and chief technology of Adobe, this will be adobe’s first venture into sense. The AI in this app will prove to be the most important tool for the creative people of the world. Not only will this app entertain selfies it can also take pictures in all genre i.e landscapes and food pictures etc.

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Probably the most exciting feature of this app will be the collaboration with different celebrities for lens and filters. The inspiration for the lenses will come from the most iconic looks or songs or videos of these celebrities. So far the company has confirmed the participation of the teenage singer Billie Eilish. So we will most probably see crowns and spiders in Billie Eilish inspired lenses.

The lenses will be more realistic than the ones on Snapchat and Instagram. And unlike Snapchat you won’t lose those filters. You can save the filters you like and save them for future use. Moreover, the app will save not only the photoshopped picture but also the original copy as well.

 via: Adobe