Snoopza Review: An Excellent Tool To Track Android Phones

    Monitoring someone else’s activity on their cell phone may sound a little creepy – but in some cases it is necessary. After all, how else would you be able to ensure that your children are safe and aren’t exposed to unwanted content? Or that your employees are working and not wasting time?

    Snoopza is an excellent Android app that will let you do just that. But if you want to know what makes it so great, and what it can actually do – this review should help.

    Why is Snoopza a Great Android Phone Tracker?

    Among all the apps that can track and monitor Android phones, Snoopza is one of the most popular – and for good reason. It has many advantages that set it apart from other apps.

    Some of the reasons why Snoopza is a great Android phone tracker are:

    • A free trial that will let you see firsthand what some of its features can do.
    • Completely invisible and runs in stealth so users aren’t aware of its presence.
    • Easy to install, set up, and run the app.
    • Wide range of features that allow you to track practically anything you need.

    In short there isn’t much that Snoopza can’t do – and it will make it easy for you to fully monitor any Android phone.

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    Essential Features of Snoopza


    As noted previously, part of the reason why Snoopza is a great Android phone tracker is that it has a wide range of features. Some of the essential features that you should know about are:

    • Record the contents of incoming and outgoing calls on the mobile phone.
    • Save the call history of the phone as well as SMS and MMS messages.
    • Track the current position of the phone using GPS, WiFi, or cell tower triangulation if the others aren’t available.
    • Monitor instant messaging platforms such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Viber.
    • View details stored on the phone such as its calendar, to-do lists, contact details, and browsing history.
    • Capture screenshots or photos using the camera.

    All in all you should be able to get a complete picture of all the activity taking place on a phone using Snoopza’s features. It will let you see exactly how the phone is being used to make calls, carry out conversations, or even browse the internet.

    The free version is very much stripped down, however. So if you’re asking yourself: Can I spy on Facebook Messenger for free? – The answer is, unfortunately, no.

    Are There Any Drawbacks?


    Aside from the fact that the free version of Snoopza is limited in a number of ways, there are some other drawbacks that you should be aware of. The most notable is that Snoopza is an Android app – and it won’t work on iOS devices. That rules out using it on iPhones or iPads.

    Another point worth noting is that you will have to be physically present to install the app too. There is no way to install it remotely, and you must have the device in your hands to do so.

    Should You Use Snoopza?

    Needless to say this is a question that only you can answer. Based on this review you should have a solid understanding of what Snoopza can do, and what makes it an excellent tracker for Android phones.

    From that you should be able to figure out whether or not it meets your requirements, and will be able to fulfill your needs. Keep in mind that there is a free version available, so if you have any doubts about how user-friendly it is – just give it a try for yourself.


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