Android Phones and Chromebooks must work together says Google

    There is a new upgrade coming where Google wants to connect Chromebooks and Android Phones working together, it is not difficult to when connecting Chrome laptops with Android phones, you already have a number of options doing that.

    Must mention this it might not the same criteria used by the Apple corporation, like its iPods, iPhones, and iMacs.

    In the future, we will see a huge close-up between Android and Chrome operating system because new snippet is already reported by the Chrome Story pointing about the working of these devices more closely with each other when this might happen there is no official word out yet.

    Some potential features which may be with us soon are likely to a dialing a phone number from your Chromebook to immediately call on Android phone, sharing passcode of your Wi-Fi among devices, and feature like a universal clipboard.

    These features won’t be new for Apple users, these tricks are already working on macOS and iOS, clearly, Google does wishes to have these to working more closely its desktop OS and mobiles.

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    Google wants to Rule It All with One


    Additionally, the work is in progress and official words by Google are not out yet about any of it, will it take more time? Still, no one knows.

    Regarding this information, it might give you a comfort that Android and Chrome OS the connection is encrypted anyway, preventing on what you are sharing or moving among the devices.

    “OneChrome” is the name heard publicly but that might not be the one or could be a different one.

    About the fact that Chrome OS does has the ability to run Android apps. Some vitals are shown that Google developers are preparing to improve all these features and possibly allowing to work of Android apps on to Chromebooks.


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