Apple has updated the iPhone operating system and released Apple IOS 13.7 on Tuesday. This updated system has the power to track COVID-19 notifications. To detect the threats of coronavirus the exposure notification system is launched.

It has lower down the burden on the state to develop a powerful app for COVID-19. Apple and Google have announced this news about Apple IOS 13.7 release.

Apple and Google collaboratively developed the new version and the news was revealed on Tuesday. With the help of the new system, the health department will be able to reduce the risk of disease.

The users will have direct contact with health department websites. The health departments will configure files that will help to generate software and operating system. By complete configuration, it will be easy to handle different tasks.

What do you get?

So with these configuration files, it will be easy to generate an Android app in fact apps would be generated automatically. OS system is incorporated in the settings of IOS devices. It is designed to diagnose persons who have COVID-19 symptoms.

The complex BLE beacon protocol system will help you detect those persons who have symptoms. This type of software and operating system is the need of the State so that auto-generated software will work to reduce the burden.

Apple and Google clarify that the new system of contact tracing will work with previously launched six apps. Earlier in August, the first app was launched which supported the Exposure notification system. Apple  IOS 13.7 is the third successive release without any serious issues.

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Other updated features:

apple iso13.7 update

IOS 13.7 contains new emojis, fixes bug system, stickers, an iCloud driver folder, and many other improvements. Furthermore, with the release of the exposure notification feature, it is clear that Apple has full control over IOS 13.

Because with the release of IOS 13.5 majority of users claimed that they were facing issues but now with the Exposure notification system no problems are reported.

How to Activate it?

To activate the Exposure notification feature go to settings and turn on the Exposure Notifications. And let your Apple device do its magic. You will automatically be promoted to an updated system but if you want to check manually then Navigate to Settings > General > Update Software.

You will get the alert when you come close to a person suffering from COVID-19. Health authorities would strongly advise you to use this updated system to take care of yourself and others.

Verdict | Apple ios 13.7

This update has been rendered good so far by technology experts. They recommend you to get the latest updated IOS 13.7 as soon as possible. Soon the upgraded system will be available publically.

Everyone should pay their gratitude to Apple and Google for introducing this health compatible system at the time when everyone needs to save their lives.

So what do you think? Will you upgrade your iPhone or iPad?