Apple iPhone And Samsung Galaxy Beaten By Another Radical New Smartphone

    It has become a state of attentiveness for the two of the world’s leading mobile phone brands i.e. Apple and Samsung, as their other competing brand Xiaomi is planning to launch its new smartphone having apparent improvements and enhanced features and qualities as compared to the previous smartphone industry products.

    Xiaomi has prepared to put in place a new and upgraded smartphone model, the Mi 10 Flagship Ultra Smartphone. This incredible product by Xiaomi has an extensive feature for the up-gradation regarding its camera and video functionalities as it comes up with a very sophisticated capability by introducing an invisible under-screen selfie camera.

    The particular feature is regardless of the punch-hole camera functionality as fabricated by Xiaomi in the currently running smartphones in the market.

    A video has been circulated through social media by the company itself in which they have clearly shown a comparison between the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 10 Flagship Ultra smartphone along the current model having the feature of the punch-hole camera.

    This comparison can be considered ravishing with respect to the new product that has to be released by Xiaomi soon. However, Xiaomi has not given an actual date for the product’s release but, it’s expected to appear in the market following the end of this year or maybe the upcoming year.


    Although the video was just for the purpose of revealing the first look for the product, it has been distinctly displayed that both the products have a visible difference in appearance and display of the screen however, it is not yet possible to finalize the quality of the camera placed in the new product.

    In addition to this, for the demo purpose of Xiaomi Mi 10 Flagship Ultra Smartphone, a selfie has been taken which has produced a very admirable result.

    We can say that the overall appearance and demonstration revealed the product to be promising and even outstanding for the people out there having a keen interest in trying out the new technologies.

    The final and the real market reviews shall commence after the release of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Flagship Ultra Smartphone and it is yet to be considered.

    When developing the under-screen camera, it is obvious to be cautious about its maintenance and quality assurance. As Xiaomi is one of the leading smartphone developing companies in the world and it owns almost 10% of the market shares across the globe, it is not a mistake to rely on the quality of the upcoming smartphone product by this company.

    The Dxomark’s camera ranking has already confirmed the Xiaomi Mi 10 Flagship Ultra Smartphone as the best product regarding its latest under-screen camera technology. That could be the biggest achievement for the Xiaomi Company without any doubt.

    The ZTE Company (the fellow competent of the Xiaomi Company) has already launched its first under-screen camera smartphone on September 1, 2020, and that would provide a competitive approach to the Xiaomi Company for making betterments before their own release of the under-screen camera technology.

    Samsung has not yet announced any such development and up-gradations in their smartphones for their future release, but it is expected to have a quick response by them soon after ZTE and Xiaomi’s product launch and on the other hand, Apple is frequently making improvements in their latest iPhones but not yet kept an eye on the invisible under-screen camera as a feature.

    Let’s see what happens next, and what would be the end result regarding the product’s quality, we’ll get to know soon. However, it is for sure that this new technology will result in a very exciting sensation for its users.


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