Apple May Be Planning to Launch Its own Search Engine

    Multiple indicators show that apple may be setting up its own search engine and it will work differently as its contemporaries. Most part of the success of Google’s search engine depends upon that it’s the default search engine for the iPhone. But now, Apple is building its own search engine to take on Google this time.

    As Coywolf’s John Henshaw pointed out in a blog post, Apple has recently been listing more job announcements for search engineers. He reveals that company incorporates NLP, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more into all of its services as well as its applications.

    Then there is the clear fact that Apple is expanding Siri and Spotlight searches in iOS 14 beta. Moreover, increased crawling from AppleBot, and substantial update to the About AppleBot support page indicates that Apple may launch its own search engine soon.

    Being as a default search engine on its Safari browser across all Apple products such as iPhone, Macbooks, and iPad, Google pays billions to Apple every year.

     Hence when you search anything on the Safari browser, the result will come from Google, unless the user changes its default search settings for search engine. While there is search choice on the iPhone ­– Google, Bing, Yahoo, or DuckDuckGo ­– the great number of users don’t use these competitors.


    Apple made Bing as a search engine for Siri in 2013, But not for the Safari browser on the iPhone. Google as the source of web search results for Siri, replaced Bing in 2017.

    Moreover, the iPhone maker has now topped $ 2 trillion in stock market value which indicates it does not need the billions that Google pays to it each year. This hints that Google search engine might work differently from its opponent search engines bringing a big change.

    At this point, everything is based on observation and conjecture. They may never release a search engine. It’s also possible that iOS, iPad OS, and macOS users will be using it and are not aware of it. It could be tightly integrated into the operating system and native apps that alert and Spotlight Searches slowly steal away queries that would have otherwise been made on Google.

     Finally, company can build its own search engine to stop the monopoly of Google and also to promote its apps in search results which will benefit its services. Furthermore, it will enable Apple to promote its struggling products such as TV+ and News +.


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