Apple Plans to Open its Ecosystem and Allow iOS to Set Third-Party Apps

    Safari for the browser or Apple Music to listen to songs. They are the default iOS applications and except for tricks like taking advantage of the Shortcuts app , they cannot be changed for others. A philosophy much more restrictive than that found in other operating systems such as Android.

    But now, according to AppleInsider, Apple is considering opening its ecosystem and allowing third-party applications to be set by default.

    I know I know for a company like Apple, which is famous for its exclusive nature, it seems like an impossible idea. But the news is 100% authentic and you would see the outcome soon.

    At the moment it is an internal discussion and the possible changes that would affect iOS and HomePods are in the early stages of development, according to Mark Gurman, a renowned Apple journalist. If Apple decides to continue with this position, the changes could come later this year with the future update to iOS 14.

    If confirmed, it would be a historical change in the operation of iOS with third-party apps
    The opening of the iOS ecosystem would be to allow users to choose a third-party app as the default application, compared to the current options of Apple itself. That is, users could replace Safari with Firefox or Apple Music with Spotify.

    It is unknown what kind of apps could be changed. But AppleInsider’s information at least specifies the browser, mail and music application.


    iOS has a large number of third-party applications through the App Store launched in 2008. But the company has not allowed them to be set by default and replace pre-installed apps. If this new option is confirmed, it would be a change of historical philosophy for iOS that would become a more flexible and closer system in that regard to Android, its direct rival.

    Now, if a user clicks on a link through an application it automatically opens through Safari. Or if you click on an email address, Mail opens without the option of using another application. Currently, Apple pre-installs 38 applications on iPhone and iPad.

    In addition to the changes in iOS, Apple also plans to open the operation of HomePods and allow it to work with other music services.

    Apple’s position so far has been viewed with suspicion by several developers, who explain that it has made competition difficult. This is the case of Spotify. As they have come to file a lawsuit in Europe for “intentionally limiting options and stifling innovation. ” In response, Apple argued that with the App Store it has helped generate $ 120 billion for developers.

    Moving our data from one ecosystem to another freely is closer: Apple joins the open Data Transfer project with Google, Facebook and Microsoft. This paradigm shift would fit with the pressures that regulatory bodies such as the European Union are making. It has already forced other companies such as Google to allow third-party search engines.

    Last year the US House of Representatives also requested details about Apple’s operation with third-party applications. We will have to wait if Apple finally decides to apply this important update or not. I don’t know about you but I am really excited to see that day.


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