After the big news of Huawei trade ban imposed by the US government, many complicated things starting to happen.

Many inverters are concerned now because Huawei gained public popularity very slowly and now it is the second largest smartphone brand in the world.

That is not the news, real news is now China did not respond yet but the great analyst, Goldman Sachs predicted a piece of bad news for apple company, saying that Apple’s profits could be hurt by China to as much as 29% if it fires back on the recent ban.

Commenting about the Apple’s future Goldman Sachs did share his thoughts about the company saying it could lose 29% of its all profits if China reacts to its ban on Huawei.

China can put a ban on the sale of Apple products in all over the country, he also mentioned that 17% of Apple’s sales are coming only from China and if a little overcome appeared in upcoming days that will affect the Apple.

Now China is assembling the Apple products apparently Macbooks, iPhone, iPods and including other main products.

Just like the PUBG game China could put a restriction in a country on usage and sale of Apple products, Apple is number one Brand in the USA and third largest brand in the world.

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Trade War Between Super Powers

Huawei Ban

The trade war between the superpowers is not advised by the big investors. China has the ball in its court now and it could make a big move but the analysts are not advising China to do so.

This step could leave a negative impact on both countries also affect the other investors, but that could also leave an effect on China tech ecosystem and for its employment system.

There is no denying that China will show a little effort to lift its ban on Huawei by the USA, also there is no clarity what is going to happen next and everyone is watching closely Chinese officials now.

Not just Apple so many other renowned brands have manufacturing units in China. If China decided to do so and put a ban on USA products that could hurt Apple but also hurt the other companies which have nothing do to with this fight.

Passing the USA put a ban on Huawei that led to huge seen, China’s Huawei is officially out of business in the US, also with other top companies like ARM, Google, Microsoft, and other big brands.