The patent of any company can be considered splendid only due to its ultra-modern technology enhancements in its every new fabricated product. The same case accurately applies to the Apple Company’s fetching patent as it has mentioned the high-tech approach of developing keyboardless MacBooks very soon.

Apple released its latest patent which added a new title “Device Having integrated Interface System”, which put forward an idea of a laptop device that is keyboardless and its touch feature on the lower surface enables the type and input tasks.

The ultra-modern MacBook would be formulated with a glass input worktop having the latest and far better interface prototype than the keyboards and trackpads which have already been set up with the devices for many years.

However, this latest feature will enable the users to play their video games by giving them a perfect interface of a game controller and the audio.

It will also provide a sound frequency controlling interface for setting up the playback qualities in the parties and discos, the interface for editing videos to the professional video editors facilitating them with a touch hookup other than a keyboard, and a fine canvas for the artists and proficient sketchers to utilize their Apple pencil.

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The patent also suggested that a thin layered physical keyboard could also be put in place of this touch feature for the convenient usage of key impressions. This would enable tangible relocation which would help users to accomplish their typing tasks more favorably.

As it has been reported that the forthcoming iPhone version, the Apple iPhone 12 would have the feature of magnet rings on its rear side, which is presumed to aid the smart device to recharge its battery with a wireless interconnection.

Now, according to the patent for the Apple Pro MacBook, there would be another topnotch facility as the MacBook shall have a reverse wireless charging utility for the different Apple products concerned, like, Apple Wristwatches, iPhones, etc.

This particular feature shall be enabled through the area where the MacBook user’s wrist would lie while carrying out the typing tasks and this charging utility would be brought into service even when the laptop is not in use.

As it is a fact that the main purpose of the patent of a company is to describe their thoughts and activities about the cutting-edge technology and futuristic features that would dispense advancements and evolutions in the upcoming fabricated smart devices, it is not even necessary that the product shall be launched for public straight away in the next release.

The same case would be followed up concerning the Keyboardless Apple MacBook. But, what else is required for a perfectly exceptional MacBook device that it could facilitate the high-tech and prominent advancements of a smart touch feature as a keyboard, or even the reverse charging facility for its users? So why it should not go all the way?