August Smart Lock Gear that will Make Your Life Easier

    It is time to update our home and one of the options that are increasingly present is that which allows us to make different systems that allow us to turn our house into a smart home especially with the august smart lock.

    The technology has advanced a lot over the years to facilitate some activities and improve our quality of life.

    It may sound strange at first, but if we investigate a little, we see how some of these gadgets are already part of our daily life without us having almost realized.

    Today there is an infinite range of products and intelligent devices for the home that works in a safe and practical way in order to be able to control various functions of devices from the comfort of your smartphone.

    And yes, although it is true that there are elements that have a higher cost and whose precise installation requires the intervention of a qualified operator, this is not the case every time.

    There are options for all budgets and that is something that we can verify just by reviewing some of the Smart gear that will make your life easier.

    If money is an issue, Fret not—there are loans available that can help you purchase this as long as your account does not have issues, like a tax lien, as per

    August Smart Lock


    The first step in making our house a smart home can be carried out by controlling the accesses, that is, managing and knowing who can enter or leave the house and all of this from our own smartphone.

    August Smart Lock is a lock that allows controlling of who accesses our home, from the mobile.

    For its installation, the system takes advantage of the space of the lock or lock already existing and through the application, available for iOS and Android.

    We can calibrate the system of turn and control the access to the house, something for which we will need connection by Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

    You can find the august smart lock has a price of 223.89 euros on Amazon.

    TP-Link HS100 


    TP-Link HS100 offers a smart plug with Wi-Fi N connectivity in the 2.4GHz band and is also compatible with 802.11b / g / n networks.

    A plug that we can connect to Wi-Fi home and through the application TP-LINK Kasa App have remote access to the device whether connected to Wi-Fi or 4G.

    In this way, we can manage for example the turning on and off of the devices or knowing what they spend thanks to the fact that it incorporates a monitor of consumed electrical energy.

    Eufy CamE


    if we want to control what happens in our home outside or inside whether we are present or absent, an interesting solution is to opt for a surveillance camera system.

    Something more and more habitual and that allows controlling at a distance everything that happens in our absence.

    And there are many examples and prices for all tastes, from more exclusive models to more modest and affordable products: here we will see the best of all.

    EufyCamE is a camera that allows you to record video in Full HD, a content that can be stored locally thanks to the slot for MicroSD cards.

    It has the Smart-Sight function, which thanks to the use of an algorithm is able to learn from our day to day and whose purpose is to detect and distinguish a person from an animal or vehicle.

    So, you can say goodbye to those annoying notices when in front of your security camera what happened was your pet and not an intruder.

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    Lifx Smart Lightbulb


    The LED lighting is another of the strong points when talking about the connected home.

    Luminaires in general, whether in a lamp or bulb format have a wide variety with prices for all tastes.

    Lifx is a little expensive option though but it is the best smart bulb out there, with its millions of colors and shades and absence of external hub. It can illuminate your home very well.

    Lifx takes the idea of the smart home to the next level as you can turn the light on and off with just an ounce of touch without having to get up from the bed.

    The OMRON M7 Intelli IT


    When talking about smart devices the conversation cannot be over without mentioning health.

    The times of the remedies of the grandmother have already passed to a better life and now the smartphone is a fundamental complement to take care of our health.

    An example of an increasingly demanding health care device is a blood pressure monitor with which to control our cardiac activity.

    A typology of devices with different alternatives among which we have chosen the OMRON M7 Intelli IT.

    It is a device that is not too expensive we can find it for about 69.52 euros on Amazon that allows us to control the blood pressure of up to two different people thanks to the two memories it has.

    The OMRON M7 Intelli IT has Bluetooth connectivity that makes it possible to synchronize wirelessly with the smartphone or tablet to have at hand control and history of all our activity as far as tension is concerned.

    The Oral-B PRO 7000 

    WibidataOral-B PRO-min

    The Oral-B PRO 7000 CrossAction with Bluetooth is an intelligent toothbrush and a dedicated app with which we can achieve a more efficient brushing of our teeth, thanks to their sensors.

    This brush uses a Bluetooth 4.0 connection by means of which it will send information about various parameters of the brushing to our smartphone and in this way.

    We will be able to know a series of aspects related to our dental cleaning habits the pressure exerted if we have left any area without brushing.

    An application that also uses a reward system that will reward us if we brush our teeth properly.

    The Oral-B PRO 7000 CrossAction can be found on Amazon for about 199.91 euros.


    Many of us have grown up dreaming of turning on the light or going down a roller shutter talking as if it were a futuristic movie, now it is possible thanks to home automation with the august smart lock.

    This meaning refers to the science responsible for automating our housing by integrating the smart products we are seeing.

    In the list above we mentioned some smart gears that will make your life easier.


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