Battery Life Battle: The Laptops With The Most Juice in 2019

    Walk into any electronics store, and you will be greeted with a sea of laptops, lids open and screaming for your attention. Festooned with stickers and slick signs, laptops proudly boast their internal specifications.

    Hexa-core processors, gigabytes and gigabytes of fast ram, GPU’s that rival a desktop PC, all big draws for a potential laptop purchaser.

    While plugged into the store’s power, running exciting demo software, any laptop has the chance to impress, but all this power is nothing without the battery life to back it up. What good is an i9 with 32gb of ram if your battery only lasts a few hours?

    To determine which laptop has the most juice, I have run countless laptops through a grueling battery test and have found most competitors lacking. Luckily there are a few laptops with the endurance to keep computing all day long.

    My testing included some light web browsing, watching an HD video on a loop and playing some browser-based games (yes I have a really hard job).

    I haven’t just picked the five best scoring laptops, I have tried to pick five with great battery life while offering something else unique or useful. There is a long-lasting laptop for everyone, not just power users.

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    Dell Latitude 7400


    Dell Latitude 7400 Specifications

    CPU: Intel Core i7-8665U.

    GPU: Intel UHD 620.

    RAM: 16GB (up to 32GB)

    Display: 14-inch, 1080p

    Size: 12.7 x 8.4 x 0.7 inches.

    Weight: 3.6 pounds.

    Storage: 512GB (upgradeable to 1TB)

    Ok, let’s get this out the way, the Latitude 7400 is not a very pretty machine, its what you would generously call “boring” On paper it has a decent spec list and should serve you well as a laptop for work, just don’t expect to turn any heads.

    While it’s no Microsoft Surface Laptop in terms of design or portability, its battery life proved to be absolutely amazing. I got nearly 14 hours of use out of this machine; this homely laptop scored the top spot on my list.

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15”

    Microsoft surface laptop 3-15

    Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 15” Specifications

    CPU: AMD Ryzen 9

    GPU: AMD Vega 9

    RAM: 8gb up to 32GB

    Display: 15inch UHD

    Size: 13.4 x 9.6 x 0.57 inches.

    Weight: 3.4 pounds.

    Storage: 256gb (upgradeable to 1TB)

    Speaking of the surface laptop, this has to be one of the best looking machines on the market. Improving on previous models, the Microsoft Surface 3 in matte black it looks impossibly thin, considering its spec sheet, the machine feels incredibly light too.

    With AMD’s newest CPU and GPU technology powering the show, the surface laptop 3 is well suited to all manner of computing tasks.

    My testing saw the surface laptop fall shy of Microsoft claimed battery life of 13 hours, with a still mightily respectable 10.5 hours, enough to get you through a day of school or work in style. I love the keyboard on the surface laptop, and after some testing, I could picture one fitting nicely into my work life.

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    Dell XPS 15

    Dell XPS-15

    Dell XPS 15 Specifications

    CPU: Intel Core i7-8750H.

    GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti Max-Q.

    RAM: 16GB

    Display: 15.6-inch, 1080p

    Size: 14.1 x 9.3 x 0.7 inches.

    Weight: 3.6 pounds.

    Storage: 256GB NVMe drive

    Yes, this is last year’s model. Why am I including on this list? I believe this is one of the best laptops money can buy, and ill tell you why: It has the perfect blend of style, power and battery life. While the 2019 model sports a gorgeous 4k OLED screen, its powerful components, and power-hungry screen are battery eating monsters.

    The XPS 15 9570 has all the performance a creative professional would need in a slim and well-connected package. The battery life as tested was 12 hours, which is almost as long as the winner of this roundup, the dells latitude 7400, with so much power under the hood, that’s incredible.

    Apple MacBook Pro 16”

    Apple MacBook Pro-16

    Apple MacBook Pro 16” Specifications

    CPU: 9th generation Intel i7 or i9

    GPU: Radeon Pro 5300m/5500m

    RAM: 16GB (up to 64gb)

    Display: 15.6-inch, 1080p

    Size: 14.1 x 9.7 x 0.64 inches.

    Weight: 3.6 pounds.

    Storage: 512GB/1TB

    This is the laptop I have been waiting for. Apple finally returns to its roots with a laptop for the creative professional who is constantly on the move. The new MacBook Pro is fast as it is beautiful, with one of the best screens in the business and a spec list as impressive as any computer on the market.

    The keyboard is a return to form for Apple (all writers rejoice!) The most impressive thing about this machine is the battery life. Apple claims up to 11 hours, I got 9, which is still impressive when you consider the components inside.

    Samsung Chromebook 3

    Samsung Chrome Book-3

    Samsung Chrome Book 3 Specifications

    CPU: Celeron N3060

    GPU: Intel HD 400

    RAM: 4GB

    Display: 11 inch

    Size: 11.4 x 8 x 0.7 inches.

    Weight: 2.5 pounds.

    Storage: 32GB

    I have tried to include variety in this list, with a mix of flagship powerhouses and everyday work laptops. One way to reduce power drain is to reduce voltage and clock speeds, some times you just need a simple laptop to write up an email or browse the web, that’s where the Samsung Chromebook 3 shines.

    Small and adequately powered, this little beauty would be perfect for a student and has a surprisingly nice screen. This machine can be found south of $300 and with a 9-hour battery life, it represents amazing value. There are many laptops in the “netbook” category, but the Samsung Chromebook 3 is the best of the bunch.

    Consumers are always hungry for more power, more screen, more features and now, more battery life. How a laptop battery performs is just as important as the performance of the CPU or GPU.

    You don’t have to spend thousands on a machine to get 10 hours plus battery life, batteries have become more efficient, and use all manner of software trickery to keep the juice flowing.

    Whether its for work or play, here are my top five laptops that have got the juice to run all day.


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