The 7 Best Apps To Help Your Family Fall Asleep Faster

    There is an app for almost anything and everything that we seek to accomplish in our world today. Why wouldn’t there be apps for helping us get to sleep faster? The good news is that there are. While your mattress and other factors play a role, don’t “sleep” on these apps.


    This app is known most of all for being a meditation app, but it is an option for those having trouble with sleep. There are so-called “sleep casts” on the free version of this app. Those run anywhere from 45-55 minutes long and help users get a calming vision in their heads that they can drift off to. They are calming and can reduce blood pressure and make it a lot easier to get some rest.


    This is a straightforward app that plays calming sound like thunder, wind or even the noise of a coffee shop to help you sleep. Some people like a little background noise to make it easier to get to sleep. There are others who can’t stand it, but those who do love it will probably find it a lot easier to get to sleep listening to this.


    You can set this app to continue to play calming things such as music, voiceovers, and various sounds for any length of time you deem necessary while sleeping. This is one app that gets the job done where others do not. It offers sounds that go for a lengthier period of time than most other sleep apps. The cost is $60 for the whole year for full access. That is just $5 per month!


    Meditation may be your thing. If so, Slumber is where it is at. There are meditations that will play for up to ten hours. That is a great amount of audio to listen to while sleeping. You can even try this app out before you dive in for full membership. There are ten episodes free as a sample.

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    This app is incredibly user-friendly and free for some of its features. Celebrities have jumped on the bandwagon with this app and lent their voices to some of the stories that are featured within.

    That makes it appealing to a large audience, and the audience of potential customers for this one continues to grow as Facebook advertisements have made more people than ever aware of this app.

    Sleep Cycle


    Measuring how you slept can improve the quality of the sleep that you get in general. Sleep Cycle makes it happen. It will track the patterns in your sleep and show you how to optimize the time spent in bed. You can use this data to wake up feeling your best.

    10% Happier

    This app is about mental health in general, and one of the elements of mental health is your sleep quality. Check out the meditations on this one as they are particularly impactful. Users will enjoy one free session to decide if they like what they get here.

    If they are pleased with it, then they can pay $15 per month or $100 for the year to get full access to everything that this app has to offer. There are plenty of extra benefits to going to full membership.


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