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12 Best Discord Bots to Boost Up Your Server Now?

The first question before you decide on the best discord bots, which would spring into your mind would be, what is a Discord Bot?

It is only when you understand this could you fully comprehend and assimilate to find the discord bots which would help to boost up your server.

There are many Discord Bots out there and we would try to pick up some of them and bring them forth to you but it would be still your prerogative to select the discord bots out of the lot.

To understand this better and to select the best discord bots we would have to look at what is a Discord Bot.

First, It would be prudent to know what is Discord.

Discord is explained in many ways, we would put it into context in the following way.

A free text chat for gamers which is also, in one voice enabled. It is compatible with your smartphone and desktop too.

It also ensures that your hassles with Skype and TeamSpeak servers would terminate and no payments to them would be required.

Life could be simplified and made more convenient.

Discord could be elevated as a Chat App, but it would be miles ahead of any of the conventional messaging apps that you would be presently using.

Discord helps build various communities, groupings with like-minded users or for that matter any collective to share ideas.

It enables users to employ video to chat, exchange texts, or connect via voice mail.

Discord may bring your mode of interaction to a higher level and ensure a much more fruitful, enjoyable, and vibrant grouping rather than the same run-of-the-mill exchanges you have been using over the years.

What is a Discord Server?

Once you have knowledge of what these two are, it would ensure that your year ahead could be more meaningful, and that too by employing the right tools to keep up with all those who would have similar ideas on varying subjects.

It is often said that “Birds of a feather flock together” and this would be better served if you are employing the right tools.

A Discord Server would be better explained as follows,

A server could be compared to a community grouping where there are segmented and segregated rooms with each of them referred to as a channel.

Each of these channels would be where you could indulge in a chat with another member, place messages similar to any other conventional chat apps, and interact in various other interesting ways.

Apart from these users could open voice interactions through these channels, and speak with others in a very similar fashion to any phone conversation.

Listen to Music Employing a Discord Bot

This is where we come back to our first question at the top of this page which would be to know what a Discord Bot is.

A Discord Bot is a Bot that would be compatible only with Discord as explained above. It has much more functionality than what a normal user of any other Bot would have.

Here on a Discord Bot, users are enabled to code and customize their own Bot and ensure that it obeys any of their personalized commands.

Very simply explained what a Discord Bot could be.

A Chat Bot

A Chat Bot – a bot that would try to behave like a human and facilitate chatting.

Be a Moderation Bot – which would moderate your server automatically, dispose of, ban, or mute members who would overstep their parameters by trying to create spam or other unwanted issues.

Be a Music Bot – this would enable it to play quality music from YouTube or any other compatible source.

In general, Bots are employed for various uses and some of them are,

Server management (ban, kick, or mute members employing Bot commands effectively)

Spam control to ensure it does not cause harm

Play music as you like originating directly from Discord

Information at your fingertips from your server or user

Create what is referred to as Webhooks, for any of your GitHub Repositories sites that would support them

Create systems that would not be available on the Discord platform, for example, the often-used “Levelling Systems”.

There are many other possibilities and they would depend on the Developer that we have built if it is compatible the opportunities are immense and endless.

Now we could select the discord bots from the ones below which we have put together.

Discord is the most popular and prolifically used chat platform in the versatile gaming industry and is spreading its tentacles into other industries too.

12. Zandercraft

This is a very popular bot on Discord servers which has provided many users with the right impetus to go about their daily chores without any hassles.

For all those music die-hards out there who would want to dish out music at its best then this bot would suit them just fine.

This bot is fully fledged if that is what you would need to spruce up your life to a new level, laying importance on chat, productivity, and anything which would bring some sunshine into the lives of users.

It could dish out XHD or Extra High Definition and Hi-Fi or High Fidelity music at its best. It is versatile and delivers what it promises.

Do Add Zandercraft Bot to your Server.

Download Link

11. MeMezBot

This is just the bot that you would need if you are to the meme and excite others with what you have here.

It is becoming very popular among those who are always looking for some excitement in their lives.

There would not be a dull moment if you have this bot and one which your community would love and ensure more interaction with you.

Memes that are doing the circuits among the fun-loving community like cute cats, doggo, Pepe the frog, and many other commands could be used by you to excite yourself and everyone else in your community as well.

The options are wide and this bot has some very exciting features you could be the center of attraction within the community.

Do Add MeMezBot to your Server

Download Link

10. GameStats

The name says it all and that is why it has been propelled within many communities that would use this very exciting bot to set up profiles on gaming aliases whilst ardently sharing stats with others with similar interests.

It would also bring forth stats from a wide variety of games including the more popular ones like Rust, PUBG, Rainbow, Six, Paragon, Siege, World of Worships, Xbox live, and many others.

The commands might take some time to master but once you have done so it would be one great bot to have around as it is filled with excitement.

You could add a profile and also check on the accounts within your platform.

Do Add GameStats to your Server

Download Link

9. Dyno Bot

This is the first bot that you would need to install if you just set up your Discord server because it could propel you into the limelight in double quick time.

You could exert total control over the features on your bot by employing its dedicated dashboard which would also include the auto-moderation feature which is a very rare combination for any other bot.

It could also detect spam and ensure the filtering of unwanted mass-mentioning chats within the community that you are engaged in.

This bot could also announce issues like members joining in, leaving, or being banned for any reason or other.

It has Cleverbot integration with many other advantages and also plays unlimited music.

Do Add Dyno to your Server

Download Link

7. Typical Bot

The typical bot is exactly as the name suggests and is typical in use as it’s very user-friendly but is quite powerful when in operation.

This has some very effective tools to ensure moderation which is one aspect that needs to be strengthened in all bots due to various auxiliary reasons.

It has the capability of announcing bans, kicks or any other adverse issues within the community enabling others to be aware of the happenings within the platform.

It is filled with many fun features which enhance its other advantages like playing music streamed from YouTube and also providing easy access to various mini-games.

This bot is superlative in use and is one with many advantages and easy to navigate.

Do Add Typical Bot to your Server

Download Link

6. Tatsumaki

This bot has immense capabilities and just what you would want if you are an online gamer with a penchant for the excitement that comes along with it.

You would have a load of commands at your disposal to ensure effective moderation, issuing notifications, placing messages of welcome and a host of other very exciting advantages that other bots may find difficult to match.

Its settings could be converted to what you would need from its dedicated dashboard making it very versatile in use for all those who would seek to be different within a community.

You could also search the web when needed and stay up to date with RSS feeds.

Do Add Tatsumaki to your Server

Download Link

5. TriviaBot

This is one bot that would provide you ample fun times and also ensure quality chat sessions within the community like none another bot that you could lay your hands on.

Filled with 3,000 questions and 24 categories this bot is filled with trivia game at its superlative best.

This bot goes a bit further than the others and could manage sports, films, television, nature, science and many more intelligent issues.

It is simple as it has just three commands which would be displayed by punching in the words ‘trivia help”.

It has some challenging and brain cracking games which would stump even the most experienced players within the community.

Do Add TriviaBot to your Server

Download Link

4. RunelInfo

This bot enables you to play the popular RuneScape game which has practically taken the world a storm right on your server without much of a hassle.

This makes this bot very special and has been followed by all and sundry.

Users could play the MMORPG game whilst messaging within the community.

There is an incredible set of 113 commands to play the game with your friends which makes this bot one of the most prolifically used by many.

There are many other commands like 9/9 Nemi forest and GE additions tracker which all make this bot very receptive to fun lovers within any community.

You too could enjoy the versatility of this bot like many around the world.

Do Add RuneInfo to your Server

Download Link

3. GuildedBot

This bot comes very well recommended for team players and ardent gamers who are obsessed with titles like DOTA 2, World of Warcraft, or PUBG among many others.

This could also help in recruiting team members, improving capabilities, collectively accomplishing missions, and ensuring interesting interaction within communities.

All these activities could be synchronized and made accessible to all members through the versatile server in this bot. This is just what all those who would like interactive fun would search for.

This bot supports CS, GO, Overwatch, Wow, League of Legends, Destiny, Minecraft, Heroes of the Storm, FFXIV, Call of Duty, and many others.

If you want a bot that would exude excitement this would be the one.

Do Add GuildedBot to your Server

Download Link

2. GAwesome Bot

This is a Multi-Purpose bot filled with many advantages for the discerning gamer and all those who would want their server to exude superlative fare like none other.

You could custom build whatever you would want within its capability and that is an immense lot if you really take a good look at it and it is because of this that it has been proliferated around the world.

It is good at moderation, and use the ban when needed, award ranks for members and does many exciting chores all wrapped up to bring more interaction within the community.

It could be employed to conduct polls, provide giveaways, generate sick memes and do a host of other exciting chores once you master it.

Do Add GAwesome Bot to your Server

Download Link

1. Serum Bot

Even though it’s perched on the most reduced rung, this can be one of the first cool Discord bots of the group.

Serum bot, when structured, licenses you to allow voice directions to manage your server, acting as your own Siri.

It’s not very durable in alternatives, anyway offers all of you the fundamental voice help directly readily available.

This present bot’s feature is that you would now not be expected to lessen your recreations to kind out directions into your Discord servers.

You’ll have the capacity to as of now just state ‘Hello Serum’ trailed by the direction and in this way, the larva can address it.

This improves the majority of your collaborations with companions or a network, while not jumping between windows.

The main reason the body liquid hatchling is and sitting inside the reward segment is that it’s disconnected at the moment.

You can not utilize it to move with a voice associate in Discord. Do Add Serum Bot to your Server

Download Link


It does not matter which discord bot you use for that purpose, every one of the bots is the best of all time. I have gathered these 12 enormous bots for you and shared them with my readers.

If I happen to forget about any discord bot which you think I should add to my list please feel free to comment below and I sure will do research on it and add it to my list.

These bots are perfectly researched and add downloading links, so there won’t be any problem with getting any best discord bots in an enormous way.

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