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15 Best DVD Ripper and MP4 Converter To Solve Your All Problems

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Let’s have a brief discussion on Best DVD Ripper and MP4 Converter are available in the market which is fast, reliable and easy to use before I start writing features of these rippers leave a feedback for that article.

[su_quote style=”default” cite=”” url=”” class=”custom-style”]I’m going to start with the most recent DVDs Rippers which people are preferably using in 2019 for their Windows and Mac PCs.[/su_quote]

By the time passes the technology is advancing every day especially in the software market and we are always want to use the best and top rated software for our PCs.

No matter what happens we do love the idea to find the best available software in the market.

When it comes to ripping the DVDs same goes for that, every day many software companies are making fast, reliable and easy to use Rippers for users.

The competition goes on and on for every Software making company.

As a matter of I do like testing rippers of different companies so do the other users.

From the start of 2018, many users think that discs are going out of fashion which sure is not a correct fact.

People still do love to watch movies, dramas and Seasons along with their family members and friends.

So for that, we do need sometimes to exchange our discs with others or want to make a copy of it, for that we need a special and fast ripper.

I have recently worked on a few top-rated Rippers and used them if the rumor is true.

For that, I’m making a list of top 15 best rippers are available in the market which you can use without frustration.

Just download and install these incredible software’s to rip your DVD.

List of a DVD Rippers and MP4 Converter Software

In that list, I’m only going to add best software of all time, every software which.

I’m going to share with you has good reviews and working perfectly that is why there is no need to worry about that part.

For your satisfaction full description of each Ripper has added as well as downloading link too.

Select anyone whichever you like the most also or meets your requirement.

WinX Platinum


One of the coolest and best DVDS ripping tool, number one in our list you can say this is promising software and also the King on rippers.

I have ripped many DVDs using WinX platinum and every version of that software just amaze me every time because of its clarity.

It is the best of all versions use it without any hesitation.

As a new user after installing that software, you will see so many outbound profiles which of course you can select and use it anytime.

For the newcomers there is a video converter with complete options is available too, for your kind information it does support almost all extensions.

One thing which is probably new for you that it has level 3 hardware accelerating option which only a few of rippers do support something like that.

In WinX platinum you won’t find any negative review or disadvantage of that software, it has fully loaded with some inspirational features which you may never hear or used before.

Before installing it you need to learn about its features from the user manual so you won’t face any problem using it.

Convert your any type of audio file without even losing the data from the files.

This wonderful tool has the capability to identify all sorts of DVDs, audio files, videos, TV series, music, etc.

A prototype WinX platinum ripper a perfect software when it comes to conclusion, no need to hesitate, WinX Ripper Platinum has every possible feature in it just download and install to make your DVDs rip.


  • Windows and Mac both are supported
  • Backup DVD without any quality loss
  • It has a very fast speed
  • This can convert your files within a few minutes
  • 1:1 DVD to PC, ISO image
  • Convert or rip your DVDs according to your needed digital formats just like DVD to MP4 Converter, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc.
  • It has a special Support with 3 Levels of hardware acceleration that makes everything so much easier, faster, and better.


  • Before you starting ripping read the Manul very carefully it might consuse you for the first time.



Great software with so many advance features available in it, ripping the DVDs was never easy in past but now software like DVDFab made is much easier and smooth for us.

Best thing comes with that advance software is its amazing features in it which are always right in front of you, just click and select which tool you want to use make your DVD rip.

There is no need further to download more plugins to run that software, which is a good advantage in that.

It also supports the tool to let user remove any kind of copyright protection added by the owner, to do that you do not need another software or plugin.

The maker of the great DVDFab software must be really concerned about the speed so you just have to wait only few minutes to make your DVD.

In its recent version of DVDFab used dual-core Central Processing Unit system, also same for the Nvidia CUDA which lets it run more faster.

Another great feature in it is Intel Quick Sync, which does make this DVDFab more dominant for its users to run.


  • Windows and Mac both are supported
  • You can remove any copyright protection added by the owner.
  • Ripping DVDs is as easy as it gets
  • Every feature is available in that software, and there is no need to install more plugins.


  • But Blu-ray ripping does cost extra charges.
Download DVDFab
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MacX Pro

MacX DVD Ripper

In our list number three is the MacX Ripper Professional.

This one has been around for a few times currently, but we did not have a tendency to get the possibility to feature it to the list.

Somehow, once reviewing the software system fully, and dealing on its entire contributing factor.

e are able to assure you that this software system is maybe the most effective you’ll realize within the market, and it’ll definitely get the work in time for you.

There are several delicacies regarding this software, for new users, the interface is extraordinarily and simple to use.

The code offers you granular management control over how you would like to make or convert your DVDs.

For those who do upset regarding the loss of quality, there’s choice for 1:1 making DVD, that primarily means you’re obtaining an equivalent quality because as same as the original file.

That MacX Ripper Pro additionally permits you to try and do some basic video editing like trimming, merging and cropping.

To creating from this a good selection for people who are searching for a progressive tool once it involves ripping the DVDs.


  • Your quality will remain the same during the process.
  • It has pretty enormous fast speed to rip dvds
  • 1:1 DVD to PC, ISO image
  • You can remove any copyright protection using MacX Ripper
  • Some main Supports like DVD to MP4 Converter, MKV, AVI, MOV, and many more popular digital formats are available.
  • 3 Levels of hardware accelerating contains for better and faster conversion of dvds.


  • It might be a devastating for new user  
Download MacX



Handbrake is also one of the best ripper, just do not focus on its name because the name might give you a negative impact, read its reviews people are saying cool words about this software.

It is one of the top downloaded application with so many positive and five-star feedback reviews.

Handbrake has some marvelous features in its list some few main are likely to be, converting from plethora of different formats, ripping DVDs with easily identifying the mechanism; it even can perform batch processing.

Let’s have look at its design, the UI does not that good in that software also for new comers are very frustrated with it.

You need to learn the basics from the manual.

To move on using Handbrake first learns how to use it otherwise it might cost you a disc if you turn on or used the wrong feature.

But instead of all these, this ripper is worth giving a try because it was the best downloading software in 2018.

Another factor which makes it more popular is it’s totally free of cost, that we all love in no matter what other say.


  • Extremely powerful software
  • Filled with overwhelming features
  • It does make your DVD ripping into a something great.


  • User interference is not that great.
  • You must have to learn before using it.
 Download HandBrake

Freemake Video and MP4 Converter


If you think that Handbrake may be a heap harder for you and you’re searching for a tool that creates your job easier instead of harder, then don’t worry as there are many alternative choices on the market additionally.

Right now, we tend to reaching to Freemake Video Convertor, one amongst the simplest DVD making software once it involves giving the user the convenience of use they’re searching for.

Once you get the file and install it, you will notice how cool and easier it’s to use as compared to a number of the competition.

Frankly you don’t have to be an extraordinary person or have some advance knowledge to use Freemake Video Converter software, it is very simple and it guides its user while transferring the data.

All you have to do is download & install the latest version and start ripping or converting the videos.

There are pre-made profiles for a range of various devices which will assist you and splitting DVDs is additionally a great deal easier because it encompasses a DVD liquidator inbuilt.

There aren’t any affiliate ads in this software package, which is quite a big thing for us.

This version of software free of cost and easy available in the market, there’s one factor that I couldn’t understand.

A number of the options of the software package have to be compelled to be activated after using Web Pack for three days.

It sure will confuse some new user who never faced that problem before or had like that in any other software.

Other than that, Freemake Video convertor is certainly an incredible software package, and among the simplest rippers 2018.


  • One of the simplest and easy to use
  • Using that amazing software you can convert videos and use it as a ripper
  • Some pre-made profile could be a bonus
  • No additional ads in it


  • Before using Freemake Video Converter just make sure you turn on all options from the list
Download Freemake Video MP4 Converter 



Another nice choice for DVD ripping software that’s fully free is MakeMKV, before you go any longer, I actually have to inform you that the software package could be a bit rough round the edges.

Thanks to the actual fact that it’s still in beta stages, except for the foremost half, it works rather well, and gets the duty done no matter what you thru at it.

The best a part of this software package is that it will rip DVD files, moreover as Blu-rays for you, therefore the name, and no matter the disc sort you’re exploitation.

he method itself is straight forward to grasp with none awkward configurations that almost all individuals got to bear.

The DVD splitting method is additionally quick, but that additionally depends on your configuration and also the health of the disc.

It’s sensible once it involves recognizing DVDs, thus there’s very no issue.

I honestly don’t have any complaints with the software package considering how it’s in beta stages, but the shortage of customization choices may be a difficulty for a few users.

The nice issue is that the developers are actively developing this software package, and adding new options as they’re going by. So, you may be seeing a lot of additions thereto.


  • Perhaps it is the simplest ripper in the online software list
  • Two in one option you can Rip DVDs and Blu-rays using MakeMKV
  • It runs like a leopard, very fast


  • This might be the problem for its user because it does not have much features available in the list
Download MakeMKV

Leawo Ripper

Leawo DVD Ripper

We are currently reviewing the ripper that is for the people who simply need the essential practicality while not the addition of any inessential options.

It’s maybe one in all the foremost easy rippers out there within the market, but still gets the task in dire straits the foremost half.

The redeeming quality here is that it’s unbelievably straightforward to use, and also the overall secret writing of this package is additionally on the great aspect.

There are enough outputs to confirm that your expertise isn’t tainted or something. However, the unhappy issue is that the method is on the slower aspect.

In my expertise, it took regarding a bundle of hours on behalf of me to tear a DVD utterly. Here is to hoping that the developers fix this issue in a very future update.


  • Its user interference is quite easy to use
  • Every possible option and feature in it
  • There is no need to learn this just start working on it
  • Enough outputs offered to users


  • The one main problem is that it is not a very fast Ripper it takes too much time to rip your dvd
Download Leawo



Aimersoft is the ripper which has been repeatedly referred to as the simplest ripper by the specialists still because the users and that I believe that it’s for all the proper reasons.

I’ll be honest, within the starting, I had no expectations from Aimersoft, as a result of I never hear any of my friends and other having discussion about it online.

Somehow after the testing this software, I complete that it’s what I might say the simplest ripping software program it has.

For starters, it permits you to tear files straight from the DVD drive, and once that’s done, you’ll merely optimize the ripped file to play on just about any device you wish.

All of this because of a built-in free video editor. Additionally there to, another nice feature.

I really like regarding this ripper because the entire interface is thus clear and simple to know that you just really don’t have any issue reckoning it out.

I will assure you that if you’re searching for an honest optical disk writer, the Aimersoft is among the simplest you’ll see in the market.

Overall, I really like the Aimersoft Ripper, it’s really powerful, and gets the work wiped out no time, and comes with enough options to stay you occupied.


  • It has a pretty fast processing progress speed
  • All formats are available in the list just select which one you want use
  • Convert your DVDs, and play in on any device


  • When you are writing it won’t let you rip your DVD from any other ISO or Video TS
Download Aimersoft Now

Open Ripper 3

Open DVD Ripper

It would sound like that Open Ripper 3 may be a software package that’s not ok or lacks a number of the fundamental options.

What you would like to know here is that it truly gets the task done higher than what most of the video disk repetition software package do.

I spotted that the software package was comparatively quicker at changing files.

A quite some of the other software won’t do in that time.

Somehow, I do prefer to purpose it out that this can be one thing entirely subjective because it depends on the scale or the condition of the videodisk.

It’s a bit like most of the opposite software within the market, this can also be used for converting videos, therefore you actually don’t have to be compelled to worry concerning about something else.

There are bundle of profiles out there additionally, therefore compatibility support isn’t a problem.

The only factor that wired me is that at the time of writing, Open Ripper 3 doesn’t have support for PS4, or Xbox One file formats.


  • Very fast and consistent with stability
  • Easy to handle all features
  • It has a multiple loads of profiles
  • Using that Ripper will act like it should be


  • No support for PS4, and Xbox One file formats.
  • You won’t find support available in for Xbox and PS4 files format
Download Open 3 NOW

Xilisoft DVD Standard

Xilisoft DVD Ripper

Finally we are moving towards the end of the list, before we tend to conclude this roundup; we still have some choices to appear which we can discuss.

Right now, we tend to have a details review on Xilisoft DVD Standard. It does not have too many features in the list so a simple and clean lover will like this application.

As well the name suggest, this is often largely for those that don’t wish any advanced options.

The good issue is that there’s a good variety of customization obtainable.

This certain package will not afford video conversion. But there is other option available which is video editor software; it comes with the same package.

But the draw back here is that the video editor isn’t enclosed within the Standard version.

After all the Xilisoft Ripper Standard is good software for anyone who needs a simple DVDs ripping software.


  • Easy, Effective and Simple
  • Contains all important options
  • There is enough presets in it
  • Video converter works as fine as it gets running


  • One thing lacks that the standard version of Xilisoft do not have a video editor
Download Xilisoft Standard


iFunia DVD Ripper

This DVDs Ripping is perfect use for Mac users, yet another great example of simplest in ripping softwares.

iFunia has only few features available in it so forget about the relaxation if you want to do some action.

It has a normal speed or transferring data rate so sit there and relax when you want to convert any DVD.

It is ready to rip the DVD and can convert the file formats for nearly each device.

If your most well-liked device isn’t listed there, the great issue is merely that you just will simply produce your own profile supported the specifications you would like in your video.

But the most important draw back here is that the incontrovertible fact that this can be maybe one in all the slowest video rippers come in the market, and you should know that as well.


  • Old people do like this software because of cleanness and simplicity
  • More Enough profiles are available to use
  • Even you can create a profile of your own


  • Old but slow, it takes too much damn time to convert your file so be steady
Download iFunia Now


Magic DVD Ripper

At the end the last one comes at my list is Magic Ripper, it is a simple clean and easy to handle.

That is why it is mostly used for non-commercial purposes, but some main companies do prefer using it due to its simplicity.

Also one more important thing that makes it more popular its 100% free of cost and not a single dime you need to spend on it to ripping your DVD.

Use Magic Ripper for making the Videos straight from ISO files, and as for the Video TS folder too. It has the good speed which is enough for a user to make it work.

Make your own profile to use the Magic DVD, it do not supports profiles so for that you have to put some effort.


  • Rip any file from ISO and Video TS folder within a few minutes
  • Clean, simple also very reliable
  • Conversion speed is comparatively fast


  • No enough profile available in it
Download Magic Now


There are still many more good DVD ripping softwares are available in the market which people would have loved to hear. But due to lack of research I could not write and add all of them.

I gave my best to write about these outstanding softwares and use every possible way to convince my readers.My main goal is to provide good knowledge especially advantages and disadvantages of DVD ripper and MP4 Converter.

My main goal is to provide good knowledge especially advantages and disadvantages of DVDs rippers.

Now you can select after reading the full detailed review about top trending Rippers in the market, it sure is easy for everyone who still cannot find a better DVDs rippers for themselves.

I’m requesting my readers to leave a feedback for me if you still think I have missed a good one though so just leave a comment and I will start working on it.