Best Gaming Chairs 2020: Top Computer Chairs for PC Gamers

    best gamng chairs

    A gaming chair is known as the form of a chair that has been completely designed for giving proper support to the body while playing video games.

    These video game chairs have been developed by keeping in mind the comfort level of every single body as per according to the daily need and requirements of the human body.

    You will often be finding these chairs that are attached to the soft, as well as the long plush form of seating variations.

    Some of the chairs are usually included with the footrest as well as a backrest, too, that is helpful for all those people who have been fighting against the back pain issues.

    It is also included with the adjustable form of the seat height and so many more other features.

    The next most crucial thing which almost every single gaming chair user wants to know is about the height of the chairs. You can pick the height of the chairs after you have figure out the suitable height of the table for your use.

    Before you buy gaming chairs, we will suggest you choose a gaming table first so it can give you an idea about what sort of gaming chair you should be having.

    You can look for the mid heightened chair so it can match with your table height. The seat of the chairs needs to be adjustable, as well.

    This makes it a lot easy for you to use it on different surfaces. Usually, most of the gaming chairs have a height of around 20″ to 37″.

    By searching around, you will be finding different styles and designs of gaming chairs with various heights. Gaming chairs are best for giving your bodies extra comfort even though if you sit in one place for maximum hours for playing games.

    Right in this article, we will be explaining a rundown list of top best gaming chairs reviews 2019 to pick the best option right now:

    Top 15 Gaming Style Chairs

    Top 10 Office Style Chairs

    Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

    Ergonomic Mesh Midback Task Chair by BestMassage


    These gaming chairs are a complete massive duty form of chair that has been designed in a perfect ergonomic design.

    They have been offered with the curved form of the backrest, which is giving your body complete support and often attend your body with an excellent posture.

    They are designed in S shape finishing with 10-Year Warranty. These seats have been a lot comfortable because it has been put together with the curved designing along with the best waterfall edge.


    They are made from durable construction material, which is an A grade in quality. They have been added with the Duragrid mesh that is patented and is extremely high-quality. This makes them a lot of flexible and supportive for your body weight.

    They have been attached to the gunmetal form of finishing, which is meant for the base working. It will prevent any scratches inside the chair and also make sure that the chair stays durable.

    • Cheap office chair, free shipping
    • Neat looking armrests
    • Mesh back helps you stay cool
    • Your back may get angry after extended use
    • Arms are a one-size-doesn’t-fit-all and don’t adjust
    • Won’t last a long time, back part is prone to breaking

    AmazonBasics Mid-Back Leather Office Chair


    These are another one of the best chair options which you can get at affordable prices as it is worth to invest right now. These chairs have been so much functional and comfortable to use because of its longer-lasting material use in it. They are overall stylish and decent in designing, which makes it superb.


    Now let’s talk about the construction of these chairs. These chairs have been included with the base and frame, which is made from nylon. Therefore you might experience that these chairs have less period as compared to plastic or metal manufactured office chair.

    Their foot rings are made from high-quality chrome plating work. They have been included with the padded seating arrangement, which will let you sit on the chair for long hours.

    • Price is right
    • Exceptional build quality, comfortable padding
    • Fast shipping, Amazon private label item
    • Not ideal for big and tall gamers
    • Tilt mechanism has to be adjusted just right
    • Only comes in one color

    Giantex High-Back Race Car Style Bucket Seat Chair


    These chairs have the armrest that makes the whole chair so much support and allows it to stay in one place. This will also prevent these chairs from facing any shoulder and back pain.

    The height of the seat is also adjustable, which will enable these chairs to get adjusted according to your height range. The foot ring is made from chrome material, which allows you with an additional 20 inches of adjustment.


    The seating of these chairs has been installed with waterfall edging work. This will help you to support your thighs comfortably. The length of these seats is a little bit short, which will be a bit disappointing for the users.

    The tension control knot and seat tilt have been quite a lot user-friendly in nature. This will enable you to secure your body comfortably as you will be tilting it back.

    • Sharp racing bucket seat design
    • Practical cost style ratio
    • Padding is well done for the price
    • Plastic wheel base
    • Bucket part of the seat feels firm and stiff
    • Chemical smell lasts awhile

    Vitesse High Back Racing Style Gaming Chair


    These gaming chairs have become one of the first recommended chairs in marketplaces. They have been put together in SL designing, which makes sure that your natural spine is balancing your back body. These are worth to choose for those family members who are having worst back pain issues.


    These chairs have been overall designed in the open hip form of designing, which makes it best to support your hip, back, and shoulders. Therefore, these chairs are one of the most top-recommended options for back pain patients.

    You can trust the durability and long term finishing of these chairs because it is offered with 12 years warranty for the customers. But these chairs might not be best for the people who have tall height.

    • Wheel base and casters looks cool
    • Great price for a well-built racing style chair
    • Multiple color options
    • Not breathable, can get pretty hot
    • Armrests on lower-cost models not adjustable and could use improvement
    • Padding not as plush as it appears may be too stiff for some

    Flash Furniture Mid-Back Chair with Triple Paddle Control


    These chairs have been all together created in the contemporary form of designing, which the attachment of high back. These chairs make you offer excellent support for the head. You can often adjust the chair headrest by using the center knob.

    The seating portion of these chairs has been wholly upholstered with the means of mesh, as well. This will increase the level of breathability. The involvement of seat padding along with the waterfall-based edging will make these chairs worth to buy right now.


    They are attached to the lumbar pad as well, which will keep your body posture correct and also support your spine. The seating area of these chairs is resistant and is breathable.

    The height of the seat is also adjustable, which will enable these chairs to get adjusted according to your height range.You can trust the durability and long term finishing of this chair because it is offered with 12 years warranty for the customers.

    • Great one size fits all chair: very adjustable & 10 color options
    • Extra-large paddles make adjusting easy
    • Extra thick seat padding
    • Difficult to assemble, caster wheels hard to attach
    • Backrest fabric not very comfortable
    • Armrests can be too tall to fit under lower desks

    Modway Veer Mid-Back Office Chair


    These chairs have been modernly designed in perfect finishing work, which makes it so much extraordinary to buy right now. The best thing about these chairs is that it makes your offer with the mat along with the flexible tool as well.

    They are best to be paired along with a standing table or desk. It plays a vital role in improving your body posture.


    The height of these chairs has been a lot adjustable, all using the pneumatic lever. You can also make the use of adjustment knob for the sake of rocking and tilting the back area. Hence the backrest of the body has been so much supportive.

    The area of the mesh backing has been so much flexible and reliable. Another essential feature of these chairs is that is offered with 360-degree swivel.

    • Competitive price
    • Ventilated backrest
    • 9 color options
    • Back rest is fixed, no leaning back
    • Adjustment knob sometimes gets stuck
    • Seat padding is thin

    Best Gaming Chairs Under $400

    Arozzi Enzo Series Racing Style Chair


    The overall design of these chairs has been a lot of ergonomic. You will appreciate these chairs a lot because of the durable materials used in its construction work. It has the frame access, which is made from aluminum, and the wheels are made from the material of urethane.

    The adjustments of this drafting chair are pneumatic. A Racing style gaming chair for you. And if you’re buying Arozzi chair, then it is also recommended to check gaming desks by Arozzi – as it will be a perfect combo to comfort your gaming desires.


    This product has a market warranty of around ten years for the customers. One of the most talked-about features of these chairs has been its natural movements at the time of your working hours.

    It is excellent in terms of promoting the neutral set of posture and even engaged with your core area. Also, though, if you are sitting for so many hours, you won’t be finding your body feeling any pain or aching! The mat of these chairs is stable.

    • Very stylish looking chair
    • Generous amount of padding
    • Some say even more comfortable than DX Racer chairs
    • Height adjustment unit hard to assemble
    • Cannot adjust armrests of Enzo Series
    • Must buy more expensive Torretta Series for backrest and neck pillows

    Flash Furniture White Leather Executive Office Chair


    These chairs can support the weight of around 400 pounded so we can say that it is best meant for the people who are heavy with their body weight. These chairs are also best for the people who have tall height where it is offered with the high backing designing work.


    The designing construction of these chairs has been carried out in such a way that it does not tilt at all. It is not easy to assemble for the beginners and is offered with incorrect instructions.

    But according to the customer reviews, these chairs are so much comfortable. The mesh backing area of these chairs has been so much flexible and supportive of the body. You can also bring some adjustments in these chair height that matches your height.

    • Brilliant white color w/ black insets look sharp
    • High back more comfortable for tall individuals
    • Flash Furniture makes durable chairs
    • Easy to get dirty
    • Very few adjustment features
    • Stiff with minimal padding

    SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid EcoLeather Chair


    The seating of these chairs has been much relaxed due to the padding access in it. They are adjusted with the waterfall form of edge designing, which will be preventing your body against all sorts of pain.

    It can even relief your body against the issues of lower lumbar thigh pain and buttock pain. The armrests of these chairs have been so adjustable and supportive of the body.

    • Leather padding on seat feels wonderfully soft
    • Quality parts, firm feel, and easy to adjust
    • 4 style options
    • The backrest may feel a bit too firm for some
    • Armrests seem a little flimsy
    • Mesh material wears down relatively quick

    Lorell Executive High-Back Mesh Chair


    This is yet another one of the excellent chair options which you can get at lower-priced expenditures as it is worth to make investments into right now. These chairs have been so a great deal purposeful and comfortable to use due to the fact of its longer-lasting material use in it.


    These chairs have been protected with the base and frame, which is made from nylon. Its foot ring is made from excessive high-quality chrome plating work.

    They have been included with the padded seating association, which will let you sit on the chair for long hours. The warranty duration of these chairs for the customers is five years.

    • Ergonomics for a fair price
    • Armrests can be adjusted in width and height
    • Mesh design offers good ventilation
    • Not very flashy
    • Back top edge flares out can knock things off your desk if you like to spin around
    • Seat isn’t well-padded

    Homall Bucket Seat High-Back Gaming Chair


    This has been another highly recommended chair for you, which you should be buying right now. Thus, these gaming chairs have been settled with the table stool along with the adjustment of the footrest. It is one of the top recommended chairs, even by health professionals.


    The construction of these chairs has been done in such a manner that the back resting is kept tiny and does not add any support to the upper body. You can easily adjust the back support, which is divided into four central positions, such as reclining at the back, adjusting in the forward direction, and upward or downward.

    These chairs offer five years of warranty customer support access.

    • Best looking chair under $100
    • PU casters safe for hardwood floors
    • Rockability
    • PU leather can get warm
    • Not much in the way of ergonomic features
    • Plastic parts, stitching, upholstery not super durable

    Respawn 200 Racing Style Gaming Chair


    The seating portion of these chairs is a little bit small, which is just 17 inches. So it might be possible that the knee area and thighs of your body hang out from the chair.

    Their foam padding has been settled with the 3 inches of the work, which makes you sit on these chairs for long hours. It gives your body significant support. It offers back support adjustment and incredibly supportive. It is exceedingly durable and provides premium materials

    • Dedicated lumbar support
    • Mesh backing helps you stay cool
    • Unique appearance
    • Not the best for shorter individuals
    • Adjustment levers are hard to reach
    • The width of the armrests cannot be adjusted

    Arozzi Verona Junior Gaming Chair


    These chairs are a fantastic form of chair that has been designed in an entire ergonomic design. They have been offered with the curved shape of the backrest, which is giving your body a complete rest and often attends your body with a high-quality posture. It is designed in S form finishing with 10-Year Warranty.


    They are made from long-lasting construction fabric, which is an A grade in quality. They have been added with the Duragrid mesh that is patented and is extremely high-quality.

    This makes them a lot of bendies and an awful lot supportive for your body weight. It has been attached to the gunmetal form of finishing, which is meant for the base working.

    • Great for shorter individuals
    • Quick assembly
    • Quality build and pillows
    • 130-pound weight limit
    • Armrests are too easy to move side-to-side
    • Pricey for the size

    LEVL Alpha M Series Gaming Chair


    These gaming chair products have a guarantee of around ten years for the customer. These chairs have the armrest that makes the complete chair so tons supportive and allows it to stay in one place.

    This will additionally stop the chairs from facing any shoulder and again pain. The peak of the seat is additionally adjustable, which will enable these chairs to get adjusted according to your height range.

    • 60 day trial period + free returns
    • Reclining back rest and ergonomic features
    • Attractive design offered in red, blue, white
    • Very heavy
    • 2D armrests
    • Lesser known brand

    DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chairs


    These chairs have been exceptionally designed in the durable finishing, which makes it worth to buy right now! You can even make the use of these chairs at the time of gaming and office work.


    The overall designing of these chairs is so stylish and has been put together with the durable material work. The back resting mesh of these chairs have been so much breathable and have been a lot supportive for your body weight.

    The padding foam of these chairs is made from plush material, which is so much comfortable for the body.

    • Awesome looking design, the material looks and feels high quality
    • Many unique size and style options, armrests and backrests fit gamers of all sizes
    • Wonderful reclining feature
    • Basic model doesn’t have many bells and whistles
    • Can feel somewhat stiff until broken in
    • Some models are not ideal for taller gamers

    Secretlab Omega Gaming Chair


    These chairs have been settled with the attainment, which is much suitable for the heavyweight people. For tall people, these chairs can be a little uncomfortable.

    The armrest of these chairs has been so much adjustable, which makes this chair comfortable to sit on for so many hours. It has been settled with the 360-degree swivel, all along with the 22.5-30-inch adjustment of height adjustment.

    • Great customer support and website
    • Lots of customization options
    • Industry-leading design
    • Thin head and neck pillows
    • No adjustable lumbar support like the Titan
    • Not great for individuals over 5 foot 9 inches

    Clutch Chairz Shift Series Gaming Chairs


    This is one of the best gaming chairs which you should be buying right now. These gaming chairs are purposely meant to be used as the office chair too. This might help you to take your office seating to another level.


    If you are looking for a gaming chair that gives you the best comfort at affordable rates, then choosing these gaming chairs is the best option for you. They have been settled with some of the fantastic adjustable features.

    You can adjust your chair at any height you want to. It is also presenting excellent support for the neck and lumbar by which you can slide away in upward and downward directions easily. Its adjustment level ranges from a 90-180 degree extent.

    • Robust build with thick aluminum base
    • Full recline & zero gravity
    • All black version looks clean
    • Restrictive return policy
    • Lumbar pillow low quality
    • No footrest

    Anda Seat Dark Wizard Series Gaming Chair


    This is another fantastic video gaming chair that is designed for the kids. These chairs can often be used away in the areas of the living room or in other home areas where you are looking to place a permanent chair piece.


    They are not attached to the built-in wheels, so you cannot locate it from one place to another. It has been settled with the characteristics of integrated 2.1 based sound systems all along with the two built-in speakers as well as subwoofers.

    They are also offering the video game lovers with the headphone hack access through which you can easily listen to your favorite audio all the time.

    • 30 day trial period + 18 month comprehensive warranty
    • Pillowy neck and lumbar cushions
    • Carbon fiber leather and black color is sleek
    • Very heavy
    • No armrest padding
    • Lesser known brand

    SecretLab Titan Gaming Chair


    This is another one of the extraordinary and top-notch styles of the chair for gaming entertainment. They have been made from the high-quality fabric used of the PU leather that makes it so much exceptional looking. They are also settled with the adjustable nature of neck pillow support along with lumbar.


    These chairs considerably make the use of some support system and have the composition of 5 wheels in it. For the advanced level of support, these chairs make your offer with the high-density range of the thicker sponge outlook.

    They offer you a foldable feature too. These chairs make the use of some USB massager in case your muscles are stiff or tighten up at the time of playing games.

    • Lumbar adjustment knob
    • Red stitching with black is lovely
    • Titanic 77 pound chair (also could be a con)
    • Cost, time to sell some of those bitcoin gains
    • Only available in 3 color styles
    • Doesn’t work for individuals under 5’7

    Best High-End Computer Gaming Chairs ($400+)

    These chairs have a hefty price tag, but come backed with manufacturer warranties that sometimes stretch beyond 5 years.

    MAXNOMIC Ergoceptor Series Gaming Chair


    These gaming chairs have been completely attached to the durable series of the built quality that is so much strong and robust. Overall they have a stylish appearance. You can find it in so many color choices, especially in the brown and black variations. You can even look for colors such as red or black or blue.


    The whole designing constructions of these chairs have been added upon with the metal framing. The steel frame of these chairs is making it attached with firm support. They have a stable form of sponge finishing that has been applied to the top of the gaming chair. This brings the excellent comfort and support in the whole chair.

    • Lumbar adjustment knob
    • Very ergonomic
    • Stitching pattern
    • Colors aren’t for everyone
    • Price is higher than some comparable chairs
    • “Office” chair model is much more expensive than “Casual”

    noblechairs ICON Real Leather Gaming Chair


    These chairs are making you feature with the five star based roller wheels, which you can easily use to make it move around all the time or even pushing the chair quickly. It is made from the material of PVC faux leather that makes it much easy to maintain and in terms of cleaning.

    It is durable. It is settled with the backrest adjustable access that is within the degree level of 80-140. This has been one of the few chairs in the market that have been set with the capacity of moving in 90 degrees.

    • Classy looking quilted pattern on backrest
    • Genuine leather is premium quality
    • Choose from Nappa, Top Grain, or PU leather
    • Neck and lumbar pillows aren’t great; lacking in lumbar support
    • Premium quality = premium price
    • Your bun-buns might get cold when first plopping down on the leather

    Ergohuman Mesh Ergonomic High-Back Chair


    This gaming chair has been adjusted with the straps that will allow you to move the chairs quickly from top till the base. You can even let the pillow to get into the upward and downward directions. If you sweat too much, then these straps may stick at your back area of the body.


    It has been settled with the streamline form of construction that makes the whole seating experience comfortable for you. The chair has been paid with the cushions for the neck and back areas of the body.

    But they are not attached to the chairs. To reduce the pressure on the neck areas, the chair has been settled with the high backrest form of effect. At the same time, the seatback is also paid with flexible approaches to meet the user requirements and needs.

    • Polished aluminum looks nice, top-notch construction
    • All levers can easily be reached and respond smoothly
    • Extra high backrest, good neck comfort
    • The seat unit cannot be tilted up or down
    • Putting it together is not fun, smells for awhile
    • Mesh is durable and thick, may feel too hard for some

    GM Seating Ergolux Executive Chair


    Are you looking for durable, sleek in design and high-quality gaming chair? If yes, then this is the best option for you. This chair has been settled with the best quality of the faux leather and the nylon finishing mesh that makes it one of the incredible opportunities.


    The chair makes the use of superior faux leather material that brings a significant improvement in the airflow to the backside of the body by making yourself feel more relaxed even if you are sweating too much.

    The chair often makes the use of around 55% density freshly series of the molded cold foam. The base area of the chair has the maximum support of holding the gamers whose weight is approximately 330 pounds. This is the first chair that can support such a load of anybody.

    • Genuine top grain leather
    • Comprehensive ergonomics
    • Black and white styles look modern and sleek
    • The seat is not padded enough
    • Takes some time to get it adjusted just right
    • Cream white color is not as age proof as the black

    Gesture Chair by Steelcase


    This has been yet another fantastic designed gaming chair for the teens. This chair has been built with the gorgeous form of the designing work that is so much durable. It can support the maximum weight of around 220 pounds that can somehow increase at the level of about 275 as well.


    To make the use of this chair, the recommended height needs to be around 5 feet 9 inches tall 6 feet. The total product of the chair has been settled with the strong base of the aluminum material and has the vinyl base coverage.

    The whole vinyl designing is much easy in maintenance and cleaning. But vinyl is not the best material for the sweating at all. It would not be offered with some kind of circulation of air as similar to other chairs.

    • Swiveling arm design is best in its class
    • Synchronized support system means no longer worrying about making the right manual adjustments
    • Premium look and build quality, comes fully assembled
    • Dat price tag
    • No adjustable lumbar support
    • Some may not like angular aesthetic

    Herman Miller Embody Chair


    If you have been continually searching for a chair that can easily support the weight of any gamer, then this is the just best alternative for you. It has been set with 100 extra pounds of weight coverage.

    It can also bring support for the height that is within 5 feet 9 inches. It is made from a steel framework, all along with the premium use of some HR foam in it. This will bring fantastic support for the whole body.

    • Gaze down upon the peasants with contempt — you have secured the best throne
    • 12-year warranty, Herman Miller support unparalleled
    • Responsive ergonomic support
    • Sell your kidney or car to afford
    • Replacement parts are expensive when no longer covered by warranty
    • Forces you into a healthy posture — not the most pleasant habit to acquire

    Most Important Computer Gaming Chair Features



    • Height control. A standard function for nearly all office chairs.
    • Armrest height control. Not as common as you’d think. A great idea as fixed height armrests can cause discomfort.
    • Tension control. Allowing you to stiffen or loosen the tension level in the backrest. This affects the amount of pressure you need to apply to lean back.
    • Backrest lock. Sometimes chairs will also allow you to lock the backrest in place in addition to controlling tension.
    • Seat pan slider. This enables you to slide the seat of your chair forward or backward in relation to the backrest.

    · Comfortable Seating

    The first element to keep in mind is the comfortable seating of your drafting chair. If you are working in an office, then definitely you will be sitting on the drafting chair for long hours. So you should always look for the drafting chair, which is supportive for the back and thigh areas of the body and make your whole body feel comfortable.

    · Supportive Set of Backrest

    A second most crucial element is about selecting a chair which is included with the padded seating arrangement. Make sure that the backrest is giving your body and back area a proper support system. You can even look for the chair, which is providing your backrest a set of the gentle composition of “S” shape where it can easily contour the whole shape of the back.

    · Padded Form of Armrests

    You can typically found the drafting chairs in two different categories, which include armrests or without armrests. Try to look for the drafting chair, which suitably stands according to your needs and requirements. Some chairs do not have the armrest, and you have to purchase it separately.

    · Durable Construction

    Any best drafting chair is the one that is attached to the firm base and sturdy frame. Some of the drafting chairs are also connected with the gas cylinders, which might help you to adjust the height of the drafting chair. Try to look for the chair which will make you offer with some durable, heavy-duty 5-star nylon form of the base along with the sturdy metal cylinder all along with the hydraulic lift.

    · Footrest

    Another significant element that we would like to talk about is related to the footrest. The footrest is also known as a foot ring in drafting chairs. They are incredibly beneficial in giving your whole feet with extra comfort and relaxation.

    You should make the selection of drafting stool, which is included with some footing so it can improve your body posture.

    · Adjustable Nature

    Lastly, an essential element to consider is the adjustability of the drafting chair. Almost all the drafting chairs are included with different types of adjustments in which you can consider adding some adjustments in your chair seating or can even tilt the chair in the backward direction.

    This adjustment setting can also help you to bring some changes in the height of your chair foot ring and so on. You can often think about using any chair that is settled with various table heights so you can adjust the height according to your height.


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