The Best Recovery Tool To Handle Data Loss Scenarios

    Everything starting from our office presentation to pictures clicked on the latest hiking trip is stored in digital format. This makes it easy to access and even transfer the same and surely comes in as a blessing compared to dealing with physical files.

    However, digital storage is highly vulnerable to malware threats, system crashes and even accidental deletion of data. This makes it imperative to bank on a proper data recovery tool.

    Our experts have scanned the market for the best data recovery aid which can cater to amateurs and other users running on a stringent budget and have come up with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. Today we shall discuss about this free data recovery software and examine whether it really delivers according to the claims made.

    The first thing which is going to delight you about EaseUS is its easily navigable interface. Everything is stacked in a neat fashion for keeping the ultimate look clutter free. The process is also self-explanatory and can be tried out even by first timers who do not have any prior experience in the field of data recovery.

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    In modern times, we store our data in a variety of devices ranging from hard drive to RAID, PC/laptop, music player, CF/SD card, external disk, video player, SSD, digital camera, USB drive, camcorder, micro card, pen drive, zip drive and other storage devices.

    Thus, it becomes necessary to know a recovery software which can help you with retrieval of data from all these peripherals. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free wins this test hands down courtesy its compatibility with a wide range of devices which open up greater possibilities in terms of data recovery.

    Read the tutorial of SD card recovery, which is in the same simple way to recover data from other storage devices.

    The entire data recovery is undertaken in three simple steps. Under the first step, the necessary storage device or even specified file location is selected.

    Next the scanning begins and is completed in the two different modes of Quick and Deep Scan. Here the first one conducts a brisk examination whereas the second one dives deep and scans all the sectors to provide satisfactory results. Ultimately, all the recovered data is set up for preview, selection and restoration.

    EaseUS Data Recovery Software-Check files

    The quick scan mode enables a fast search on the newly lost files. Normally, it won’t take long. But if the files can’t be recovered here. Don’t worry. Just wait until the deep scan finish. That’s because the quick scan just found the directory but not yet recover the whole file.

    EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free offers 500MB of data recovery by default. However, to unleash its fullest potential of 2GB, you will simply have to share it over Facebook and Twitter by clicking on the share option embedded at the top right corner of the interface.

    That’s enough for most small file lost cases.

    We hope you were benefitted by our discussion of the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free. Be it documents, audio, video, graphics, email or other files, you can count on this recovery tool to save back the important lost data and saving from costing a lot.


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